The Fenian King

Watch out! He’s coming…

It has been a year since Conor restored the lost Four Treasures of Eirean to the Sidhe. During that time, there has been great unrest in the magical realm of Tir na Nog. The Ri Tuatha of Gori has been murdered. Annalee has been accused and imprisoned. Ruairi has disappeared, and the City of Fal is under siege.

Once again, the Sidhe turn to Conor for help, as he goes in search of the only man who can reunite them, a man who rests in slumber beneath the hills of Ireland. Conor must overcome his own demons, if he is to save his friends, and awaken the Fenian King.

The Fenian King

Book Two of The Tir na Nog Trilogy

coming soon

3 Comments on “The Fenian King

  1. Wow I’d love to read your book. Do you have an ecopy or some other version a visually impaired person could read? Ah indeed I’m sure it will be quite a journey for your character to find the fenian cave. Don’t go looking there for me if I am there at the dawning of the three. For if I fade out, a spark lost in flame, it will not matter that I had a name.


    • Conor Kelly and The Fenian King is in editing at the moment but hopefully out soon. I dont have a date as yet but will keep everyone posted via this site and my fb page. There are so many possible resting places for Fionn hinted at in mythology…I was quite bewildered. I wonder if I made the right choice…


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