I just love researching for my books!

I do, I really do! Sometimes it’s even more fun than the actual writing! Why do I say this?

FionnBecause today I discovered something wonderful. I was looking up Fionn mac Cumhall’s family tree. His father was Cumhall (obviously!), and his mother was Muirna, ‘of the white neck’.

Muirna’s father was Tadgh, son of King Nuada who brought the Tuatha de Denann to Ireland. So she is descended from the Denann. I knew that already.

Here’s where it get’s exciting.

Muirna’s mother was Eithniu, daughter of the Fomori Giant-King, Balor. Balor was killed at the Second Battle of Moytura…by his grandson, BalorLugh.

Are you with me?

Eithniu was Muirna’s mother. She was also Lugh’s mother. That means Muirna is Lugh’s half-sister!

Wow, what an unexpected connection! Lugh is a key figure in ‘The Tir na Nog Trilogy’. Fionn mac Cumhall features in my new book, ‘The Fenian King’, but when I started writing it, I had no idea that these two characters were related.

LughIt makes no difference to the story, unless somewhere along the line it sparks off a new sub-plot. (Hmmm…thinking about that possibility now. It would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!)

But just knowing it adds a whole new dimension to my pleasure and enthusiasm for writing this story, as I sit here at my red desk, typing it all into FoxyRoxy.

And just in case you’re interested, I am now approximately 10% into writing ‘The Fenian King’.

6 Comments on “I just love researching for my books!

  1. I love researching too! I am so heavily into the 19th century setting for a lot of my books (whether it be the actual 19th century, or a modernized version of it), but I constantly love researching this era because of all the different social nuances involved (like boards being on omnibuses to hide ladies’ ankles).


    • Ah…that’s exactly the kind of tiny detail which is so thrilling to discover! It can be so frustrating, at times, too. Info on Irish mythology is so sketchy, and abused and misused over the centuries, that you can’t get to the truth at all. That was important to me, when I first got into it. It doesn’t matter to me now, I just love it for what it is.


  2. Hi. I just came upon your website because I saw the topic of Irish Mythology. Long have I been taken by Irish mythology. When I was younger I played a game call Dark Age of Camelot where one of the realms was Hibernia. I learned much Irish lore just playing that game. From there I started reading other books, including the fiction of Stephen Lawhead and the non fiction novel, How The Irish Saved Civilization.

    I’ve added your books to my Amazon list.

    Nice blog site, by the way.


    • Thanks, Christopher, that’s nice to know!

      I’m a big believer in learning through fun, in whatever format. I have 2 sons under 12, and I have seen them learn so much through gaming. We had am amazing discussion on Greek mythology a while back, it turns out they learned it from an x-box game!(Even so, they still only get an hour a day, lol!)

      My interest in mythology started with King Arthur, but since I moved to Ireland, I have discovered a whole new world I never knew existed, and the evidence of it is right out there on my doorstep almost, in the ruins which litter the landscape. Have you read any of the Four Cycles? My first book was based on the Mythological cycle, but Book2 is based on The Fenian Cycle.

      Yes, I read and loved Stephen Lawhead’s Pendragon series; my daughter is called Carys (welsh spelling, first came across the name in the first book). How the Irish Saved Civilisation…like the concept!!! Will have to look it up!


      • The Four Cycles? No, I haven’t read those. Are you referring to a Lawhead book? I’ve just read The Pendragon Cycle books and the King Raven books. Have you read any of Jack Whyte’s novels? The Camulod Chronicles? It’s another Arthur tale, but focused on the birth of Excalibur.

        I’d love to spend some time in Ireland. I was in Germany near the Black Forest for a time, a found the place to be a fountain of inspiration.


        • I reckon you would love Ireland, then! I am so lucky to live here. I haven’t read any of those books…more to add to the list! So many books, so little time! I would never get bored of reading Arthurian tales. The Four Cycles are an ancient manuscript detailing Ireland’s early origins. Its name is the Lebor Gebala Eirean, or the Invasions of Ireland, google or bing it.


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