Does the retail price of your Ebook matter?

kindlesI wonder.

Sales are a little slow just now. A fellow author commented that perhaps I should consider lowering my price. Hmmm…

It opens a whole can of worms, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s better to start off high, because you can always lower the price. But if you start off too low, then where do you go? And what is the reader’s perception of the $0.99 ebook? That it’s low quality, mass produced, churn ’em out novella?

But an Indi author can’t compete with the big boys, surely? Sure, you will get a lot of sales at 99 cents, but how many of those buyers actually read your book? Many people surf the net, absorbing all the freebies rather than actually pay; why would they need to, when us Indi’s are always putting our writing up for free promotions?

What’s more important, anyway? The number of people who read your book, or the money you make out of it? At the moment, it’s all about being read, for me.

You may have spent a year or more researching, writing, editing, drawing maps for, editing some more, created a book cover, finally bringing your precious baby, your work of art to print. It seems reasonable to cost it at little more than the price of a cappuccino and a donut…or a scone, if you live in Ireland. Doesn’t it?

Apparently not.

$2.99 is the popular price-point for an Indi ebook. As is 99 cents. Or free. The big six can charge what they like. They are ruled by different laws, or so it seems.

The benefit of being an Indi, is that the author has complete control. I can alter my price, content, book cover, whatever, at my whim. And I can experiment. So for a limited period, I am trialling a lower price.

Guys, The Four Treasures of Eirean is at the new price of $2.99!

Let’s see what happens. For the last few days, I have seen no change in sales. The reviews I have are all good…so far.  On the premise that people are only moved to review a book if they really loved or really hated it, I can only guess that most people who read it actually liked it.

I have other theories. But one experiment at a time.

Indi authors out there, what is your experience and thoughts on price-pointing?

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