The Veil Between This World and The Magical Realm is Thin Today…



Beware, lest you accidentally stray into it…Oisin, son of Fionn mac Cumhall was lost in Tir na Nog for 300 years. When he finally returned home, he was stunned to find 300 years had passed in the space of 1 year in the magical realm, and everyone and everything he had ever known was long gone.

This is the view from my garden, (sorry, unkempt overgrown field). You cannot see the valley or Slieve Glah at all. Carys’s bus driver reliably informed me that the mist lurked only around our hill. Everywhere else is completely clear. Yet it never enters our garden but hovers silently beyond the hedge…

Strange, but true. And very atmospheric, as I sit down to work on ‘Conor Kelly and The Fenian King’ for the first time in a month.

6 Comments on “The Veil Between This World and The Magical Realm is Thin Today…

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  2. No answer falling, only falling,
    And wait for the door, for the bridge of crossing,
    The known world now away is falling,
    Vales between the worlds are parting.

    Another world is there in waiting,
    The world beyond the world there waiting,
    A homecoming made from the departed,
    Into a world that will never be the same.


      • Well, they’re Oisin’s words, and I wrote them down, if that makes sense. The whole poem is up on my blog, the one called Through The Looking Glass. At some point in writing it I got myself out of the way enough that Oisin could write in first person. For lack of a better phrase, it was a profound experience.


    • Thanks, Rachele! Yes, the toys would have to go! Unless I could persuade people that the toys are also 4000 years old…I mean, children have always played, haven’t they?


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