2: An Auspicious Birth _ Song of Sun and Sea

I woke up to this story this morning and my imagination was immediately fired, so much that I wanted to share it! Beautifully written…

The Sound of What Happens

When she was born, Bean Alainn was indeed a beautiful girl.  Her seal fur was softer than that of her siblings. It glowed slightly, almost as if it were being lit from inside out, especially when rays of light from above burst apart like shooting stars in streams of greens and golds.  Her beauty far surpassed outward loveliness, however.  For Bean’s eyes were like harbors, pooling calmly and quietly into deep fathomless blue: eyes that at once contained compassion and elicited awe. For to look into them was to not only be well met, but to be suddenly immersed in something indisputably beyond your ken, and yet discover that far from losing yourself in that vastness, you would instead recognize yourself reflected there. I met Bean Alainn myself only on several unforgettable occasions before life flew from her, and I have never forgotten those eyes and how it was her…

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2 Comments on “2: An Auspicious Birth _ Song of Sun and Sea

  1. Thank you for this Ali! It’s an honor to have my work mentioned on your site. I always value highly what you post here. In fact I should have mentioned it to you before but your post on Brehon laws turned out to be useful in my dissertation. In any case, thank you. :_)

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    • You’re welcome Eilish! I’m looking forward to the next instalment. I’m glad my piece on the Brehon laws was of use to you…and honoured that the information featured in your dissertation! I hope to post more on the Brehons in the not so distant future, so watch this space…


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