Conor Kelly and The Fenian King is Finally Published!

TFK-medWell, I thought it was never going to happen… YOU thought it was never going to happen, but guess what folks? It HAS happened! I’ve gone and done it. I finally published my second book, Conor Kelly and The Fenian King! Woohoo!

Yes, I’ve had one glass of wine too many tonight, but why not? I am now a serial author! I deserve a bit of a celebration! And all these exclamation marks should be a bit of a give-away as to how excited I am. When else can we sprinkle these naughty little monsters so liberally throughout our writing and get away with it?

Conor Kelly and The Fenian King will be available to pre-order within the week on Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble. and Apple… watch this space!

And just to give you a little taster of what to expect, here is the trailer. Thanks for all your support! Ali xxx


19 Comments on “Conor Kelly and The Fenian King is Finally Published!

    • Thank you! I enjoyed making them, they were fun and a welcome relief from writing and marketing! I’m currently working with someone on developing a style which can be applied across all of them, based on images of models posing in scenes from the books, but making them look more like animations…we’ll see how they turn out!


  1. Amazing news! How exciting 😀 Gonna tweet this! Make sure you definitely do celebrate. I’m looking forward to reading them 🙂


  2. Congratulations, Ali! Looking forward to reading #2 in the series!
    I’ll have a pint in your name. Slainte. ⭐


  3. I use a cathode ray tube monitor, because of truer colors and better clarity, but I’m having trouble with reading the text in the trailer. The font color is too faint against some of the backgrounds. The text also seems too small, at times. it appears in unexpected places, and it fades out too quickly. Sans serif fonts are also harder to read at a glance than fonts with serifs. Incidentally, similar issues often result in my opting to read your posts in the WordPress Reader rather than visiting your blog. Otherwise, I have to zoom in quite a lot to enlarge the small light font so I can read it against the dark background.

    Will all your books be in paper, too?


    • Hi Christine, thanks for that feedback! I am new to the trailer thing, I just used the default font, but should have realised that Times New Roman is used in writing for a reason, so will remember that for next time.

      I have no idea what a cathode ray tube monitor is, but it looks ok on my bog standard laptop and my android phone to me.

      In particular, my blog always looks quite clear, apart from a couple of posts which I pasted from Word, and somehow lost the default font colour and couldn’t find it, so had to choose the nearest colour… don’t know why that happened… learned my lesson from that lol!

      Yes, my books will be in print too, working on that next!

      Its great to get constructive feedback, so thanks very much for taking the time to tell me. I hope to have some more professional help with my next trailer, so hopefully you wont experience any problems in the future.


      • A cathode ray tube (CRT) is the old-fashioned glass television picture tube that all computers started out using. Laptops (and the flat-screen monitors) use a liquid crystal display (LCD). The CRT uses an “electron gun” to shoot energy at a layer of phosphors on the inside of the screen. An LCD uses electro-chemical reactions. Both displays can be calibrated, but the CRT is more accurate, and it produces a sharper display. I use the CRT with my tower CPU, but I work with a laptop, too, and there’s a vast difference in display quality. The zoom percent (magnification) you’re using on your LCD devices will influence how easily read they are, and if an LCD is the only kind of screen you look at, you’ll be used to it, and not be aware that other readers may have issues with the display.

        To more easily read blogs that use sans serif fonts, I have to program my browser to override the site’s default font, in addition to zooming in. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help with the trailer.

        The issues I have with the trailer persist even at full-screen view. Have you thought of adding a voice-over track? I don’t know why, but almost nobody uses audible narration. It would be helpful to potential readers who are visually impaired. You don’t have to record your own narration; I used the built-in computer voices and the free Balabolka text-to-speech converter. My trailer was the project I used to test the voices before starting on my audiobook edition.


        • I never thought about built in voices to narrate… may be bit complicated with the irish pronunciation… I would love to have a voice over!


          • Check your e-mail for a sample I recorded this afternoon. Some people hate the computer voices, but the latest generation of narrators have improved quite a bit. Have fun!


            • Ok thanks! I just downloaded one to read books to me from my phone! Only trouble is… my lovely laptop has nust died… Ive only had it a year… am gutted!!! No blog posts from me for a while until its fixed… if it can be fixed!


        • Yes Ali, for the next trailer an audio track would be awesome! 🙂 Or else a transcript of the text. All I can appreciate about the current one is the lovely music. 🙂


          • I was speaking to someone about it today Éilis. He is my sons guitar teacher and he makes movies. Hes having a look at the trailers I already have tonight to pick up the vibe and then were having a discussion about what can be done. Hes already had some good ideas…


  4. Comhghairdeas, Ali! Congratulations! Maith thú, good for you! You definitely deserve the glass of wine and the exclamation marks! And also when else can your blog friends get away with putting so many of the marks in a comment? 🙂 I can’t wait to read the book! You must be so proud of yourself! This is an additional sentence whose purpose is to allow me to add another exclamation mark! 🙂 Slainte! Éilis! 🙂


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