Poor FoxyRoxy!

SAMSUNGFoxyRoxy* nearly died last night. She’d not been very well on and off for the past week. Last night, she just couldn’t get going.

I was really worried, I mean, it’s just not like her. She’s a trooper. We’ve been together over a year, now, and in that time she’s never let me down. We’ve spent a lot of time hanging out together, we share the same interests, we’ve hadย  lot of fun. I’m not ready for it to end just yet.

So I took her to Kells this morning for some emergency treatment. It was nerve wracking leaving her all alone with strangers, but they promised to take good care of my baby, and she was brave. They said they were going to have to open her up for an exploratory procedure to find out whats causing her symptoms. They think I’ve caught it early before it got too serious. I hope so. Most of all, I hope she hasn’t developed amnesia.

Its not great timing, to be honest. I’m in the middle of formatting my new book for print and Amazon. I have so many blog posts and guest posts and the like to work on just now. I’m already behind. This added stress is not helping one little bit.

So I’m just waiting for a call now. Hopefully it will be the all clear, and I can fetch her home soon.

Typing my blog posts on my Android phone, great as she is, is no fun.

* FoxyRoxy is my lovely shiny red laptop.

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23 Comments on “Poor FoxyRoxy!

    • She came home but I had to take her back today for more work… looks like there could be a fault on the hard drive. Shes still under warranty but will probably have to be sent to uk. Will probably take weeks. What will I do? A blogger w/o a laptop… I am bereft!!! And suffering withdrawal!


  1. SO sorry to heat about FoxyRoxy! I hope she survives. btw Congrats on the publication of your 2nd book! I can’t wait to get ti!


  2. I’m having trouble with my laptop too. It’s working fine but there’s a few bugs. I keep putting off taking it in because I don’t want to be with out it for even a few days! Good luck with FoxyRoxy. Hope she feels better soon!


    • Oh Jennifer get him/ her checked out before the screen goes black and you lose the mouse hehe! Yeah you are so right, life is lonely enough for an author, but Im lost w/o FoxyRoxy!


  3. Fingers Crossed, My shiny red laptop was ill earlier on in the year, only six months old and she has had almost every part replaced. Luckily I keep everything backed up on my personal server, so no harm, she is now fine and working well as will yours ๐Ÿ™‚

    They just dont make them like they used to!


  4. It might not even be the main memory. If they had to reinstall, they could still stream the data onto an external disk. FoxyRoxy will be up and running in no time.


  5. I hope FoxyRoxy comes back all better! It’s amazing to realise how much we rely on these things when they’re gone.


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