Conor Kelly and The Fenian King | Mini Blog Tour

Click the image to read the book description

Click the image to read the book description

I’ve never done a blog tour before. I very nearly didn’t do this one either! As you no doubt know by now, my poor laptop, FoxyRoxy, developed a dodgy hard drive just after I published my new book, Conor Kelly and The Fenian King to Smashwords. All my grand ideas of fancy blog tours, promotional activity and marketing, quickly crashed down around me, as FoxyRoxy suffered complications, and I realised she wasn’t coming home in a hurry.

Well, she’s back now, and raring to go! She’s not quite the creature she was; her memory is somewhat shorter, and many of her programs have needed re-installing. It’s taken most of the day to try to recover Office… Microsoft won’t recognise my key, for some reason, but that’s all by the by.

The main thing is that me and my lovely, shiny red companion are back together again. Not only that, but my wonderful blogger- friends have rallied round to support me in running a mini blog tour. Thanks, guys! I really appreciate it.

So without further ado, here is how my mini blog tour pans out:

Tuesday 8th July –  Jane Dougherty Writes
… about fantastical places and other stuff. She does, friends, she really does!
The Dark Citadel is on my reading list. Jane asked me a few questions, so please drop by tomorrow and see what I had to say.
Wednesday 9th July –  Aliisaacstoryteller
Chapter Reveal. Please stop by and see how my new book opens.
Thursday 10th July – My Train of Thoughts On…
Karen has already invited me on her website to take part in her  regular famous 10 Statements feature. She very kindly agreed to have me back. If you have a question you’d like me to answer, please add it to the comments section of this post, and I will include it in Thursday’s post.
Friday 11th July – My Train of Thoughts on…
One of the regular features I look forward to on Karen’s blog, is her  Three Quotes feature. She once specifically chose three quotes to inspire courage in me when she knew I was nervous about speaking on a radio show… I’ll never forget that.
This time, she features three quotes from characters from my new book. I can’t promise they’ll be as inspiring, but please pop by Karen’s blog and find out for yourself.
Saturday 12th July –  CL Deards | Living in Alternate Realities
Chris has always been very supportive of my self publishing journey. He is himself working on writing his first novel right now, and has amazed me with the depth of detail he has gone into in creating his fantasy world. I can’t wait till he hits that publish button! Please drop by his blog on Saturday to check out my chapter reveal, and find out more about his book.
Sunday 13th July – Aliisaacstoryteller
I was tagged by Sally of Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life a couple of weeks ago to write a Meet the Main Character post. Of course, that was the day that Foxy got sick, and so I wasn’t able to participate. Better late than never, I hope! Thanks, Sally!
Monday 14th July –  Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog,  an Author Promotions Enterprise!
Book Promotion.
Well, where else would you expect me to be on the launch day of my new book?!!!
Please drop by the furry guy’s blog and see what’s going on.

So that’s what’s happening this week. Please, please, PLEASE join me and my best blogger pals over the next few days and join in the fun.

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Click the image to subscribe to my mailing list

17 Comments on “Conor Kelly and The Fenian King | Mini Blog Tour

  1. This is an awesome schedule, Ali! 🙂
    Looking forward to each and every step of your blog tour.
    Tell FoxyRoxy to be a good girl – or she might be treated by a real nerd. 😀


  2. Fantastic, Ali! This sounds really fun, and so glad FoxyRoxy has returned to you. Is maith é sin…it’s good, in other words. 🙂


    • Thanks Éilis! Yes you’re right, it IS good! I’m so glad we’ve been re-united lol! Can get on with things now! Hooray!


    • One contacts one’s lovely blogger friends and begs… preferably not at extreme short notice, with a note of panic in one’s voice and a hint of madness glinting in one’s eyes, as I did, thanks to FoxyRoxy’s sad and untimely incapacity lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karen’s offered something similar, and I’ve never done anything like that before. She’s a very generous lady.

        I’m enjoying Conner the First, by the way. I’m about half way through.

        The italics don’t bother me in the least. I don’t know what my hangup was about changing all of mine.
        I’m not having any problems with the names either.


        • Oh that’s fabulous news! I’m so glad to hear that! If you want to set up a blog tour for your books, I will be happy to interview you, or feature a guest post, or a chapter reveal, or trailer reveal, or anything you like!


          • I’m behind the times. I need to explore this idea, and take advantage of it. I suppose I could also host others, somehow. It isn’t fair not to pay it back some way.

            There is a lot to learn after writing the story.

            I may hit you guys up when Arson is ready. I hope to get it published over the weekend.


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