Day Six of the Conor Kelly and The Fenian King Mini Blog Tour | Meet the Main Character

Day Six… phew, what a week! Not only have I been writing daily guest blog posts for the Tour, but daily round-ups and reminders right here, whilst formatting for Kindle and print, and all the other mom/ wife/ house-keeper/ chef/ dog-walker/ and general dogsbody tasks which comprise my other, ‘real’ life… I’m fair tuckered out!

So before I get on with the show, I’d just like to thank author Chris Deards for very kindly agreeing to host my exclusive Chapter Reveal for my new book on his fascinating blog, Living in Alternate Realities… yes, didn’t you know? I’ve written another book! It’s called Conor Kelly and The Fenian King, and from tomorrow, you can find it at most online retailers.

If you haven’t hopped over to Chris’s blog yet, why not do so now? He has featured a chapter from my book entitled The King of The World, which is based on the Fionn mac Cumhall legend of the same name. I like this story, because it shows just what kind of a leader Fionn was, and why men loved and followed him. In so doing, it gives us quite an insight into the nature of the man himself. Another reason I like it, is because it shows women in ancient times enjoyed equality with men, and fought against men alongside their male colleagues in battle… how it slipped by the Christian monks without being altered to fit their notion of acceptable female behaviour, I’ll never know, but it did, lol!

Before I introduce you to Conor Kelly, the main character of my Tir na Nog Trilogy, I’d just like to remind you that tomorrow is the final day of the Conor Kelly and The Fenian King Mini Blog Tour. It’s also LAUNCH DAY! As of tomorrow, my second book, Conor Kelly and The Fenian King is available to buy as an ebook (print version following very soon!) from most online retailers, including Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and many others. Yaaaaay!

Tomorrow, Monday 14th July, for the final day of my mini blog tour, you can find me celebrating my book launch with the great furry friend himself, Chris Graham, over on his blog Chris the Story Reading Ape’s Blog… an Author Promotions Enterprise! No doubt we’ll be partying on down over a big bunch of bananas to the sounds of the Jungle Book’s Man’s Red Fire… hey, we know how to live it up! Why not join us, but be careful not to slip on any stray banana skins…

Conor Kelly, over to you…


Q. What is the name of the books main character? Is he fictional or historical?

A. Hi! My name is Conor Kelly. I’m fifteen years old, and I’m the main character in The Tir na Nog Trilogy. My author Ali Isaac would probably say I’m fictional, but I beg to differ… I found out recently that I was actually born over two thousand years ago, yeah, pretty mind-blowing, huh? I’m still getting used to the idea, but I guess you could definitely call me a historical figure in that context!

Q. When and where is the story set?

A. My story takes place in various locations around present day Ireland, and in the magical realm of Tir na Nog. Now, I know what you’re thinking; you think Tir na Nog doesn’t really exist, it’s just a fairy tale, a land of myth and legend. I used to think that too, until I was kidnapped by Annalee and taken there. It’s one scary, beautiful, wonderful terrifying kinda place! My story dips in and out of time zones.

Q. What should we know about this character?

A. What d’you wanna know? Ok, I guess the most obvious thing is my disability. I grew up not able to talk or walk, or do anything much for myself. Because I couldn’t communicate, everyone thought I was ‘developmentally delayed’… that’s a kind way of saying retarded! Not nice, huh? No one knew what was wrong with me, and I had all the tests. In Ali’s latest book, I learn the real reason behind my disability… not that it makes much difference.

Q. What is the main conflict? What messes up this character’s life?

A. OMG, where do I start? It all comes down to the Sidhe, really. They thought they were protecting me, but from my point of view, they messed up my life big time! There are people trying to kill me, I have to fight dragons, and giants and scary serpent-women, all while trying to save the Sidhe from their doom and achieve my quests. Not only that, but I have to learn to master some pretty freaky, dangerous magical powers with no one to teach me… yeah, there’s a lot going on in my life right now that even an able-bodied teenager would have difficulty coping with!

Q. What is the character’s personal goal?

A. Well that’s easy! When I started out, I just wanted the Sidhe to wave their magical wands, or whatever it is that they do, and make me walk. I still want that, but I’m learning to live with it; at the end of this new book, I decide there’s something else far more important that I want… but you’ll have to read the book to find out! (Ali will love me for saying that, lol!)

Q. Is there a working title for this book, and where can we read more about it?

A. Duh! Where’ve you been? Ali’s been blogging about it like forever! And she’s had this mini blog tour thing going on for the past week! Haven’t you noticed? The book is called Conor Kelly and The Fenian King… just type it into your search engine, if you wanna know more… it’s all over the web!

Q. When can we expect the book to be published?

A. You can find this book on all major on-line retailers from tomorrow Monday 14th July! Hooray! Back to you, Ali…


A very big THANK YOU to Sally from Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life for tagging me in this blog hop. I really enjoyed letting Conor take over for a while, and I think he quite enjoyed being in charge! Sally blogs about ‘health, music and words for a great life’… Sally has led an adventurous and eclectic life and career, finally settling in the mountains of Madrid, and combining her writing and self publishing skills to set up her publishing company, Moyhill Publishing, with her husband. She has nine books of her own to her name.

I would like to nominate Craig Boyack to take up the challenge of the Meet the Main Character blog hop. You can find him on his blog, Entertaining Stories, and believe me, his stories are most definitely that! Half the time you won’t know if his posts are fictional, or real! He has recently published a new book, Arson, in which he claims to have featured his best character yet! So come on, Craig, introduce us to him/her on the Meet the Main Character blog post! You can find Arson here.

That’s it for today! Don’t forget to join Chris and me tomorrow…  oh, and if you fancy a good read, you can also buy my new book, Conor Kelly and The Fenian King tomorrow, too!



9 Comments on “Day Six of the Conor Kelly and The Fenian King Mini Blog Tour | Meet the Main Character

  1. “I found out recently that I was actually born over two thousand years ago,” Ah me too, Conor, me too. Well to be accurate, I was born more like 1800 years ago, give or take. I bet it was pretty surprising to find that out… it was certainly a bit of a shock for me! I just thought you’d appreciate knowing you’re not alone with that particularly anomalous circumstance. These days you just mainly have to keep such a thing to yourself, you know, and it can be tough, that. 🙂 It will get easier… hugs. Fortunately I was subsequently reborn 31 years ago, so I don’t walk around looking like I am almost two millennia old. If I did, it would have just kind of given it away I guess, or else seriously prevented me from making friends, so I’m grateful that didn’t happen. lol. Oh and Ali, awesome post! Love it! 🙂


    • Thats a spooky similarity you got going with Conor, Éilis! Glad you enjoyed the post… it was fun handing it over and posting as Conor, taking him out of the context of the novel.


  2. Awesome blog post, Ali! I ordered Conor Kelly and The Fenian King right away – even if I won’t have the time to read the book before August.
    I love that Q&A part. I prepared a blog post for the Othella Blog Tour, yesterday evening and – it mainly consists of Q&A! 😀
    “…it must be fate, then.”
    “It’s not fate – it’s Irish.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Karen, glad you enjoyed it! Hope Conor doesnt enjoy it too much, or I’ll have a takeover bid on my hands lol!

      Just love that phrase “Its not fate, its Irish!” … fabulous! Where did that come from?

      I will be sure to check out your Othella q&a as soon as its published!


      • It’s from the musical Titanic. Three woman meet – their names are Kate, Kate, and Kate. 😀

        The Q&A for Othella are only facts, I’m afraid. Your Q&A is terrific as it is your own protagonist.


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