I’ve been Published on Irish Central!

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Yes, I have, I really have! I’ve been published on Irish Central, and I’m pretty excited about it, because if this article does well (and another which is already in the pipeline), then there is a good chance that they will consider me for a Contributing Writer position.

My dream is to make my living as a writer… I feel I’ve just taken one small step closer towards achieving that. Of course, it’s early days; these article must do well. Hopefully, they will!

So I’m asking all my lovely friends and followers to please take a couple of minutes to visit my article via THIS LINK, and maybe even leave a little comment, even if you have read it as a post on my blog before, because every little bit helps.


21 Comments on “I’ve been Published on Irish Central!

  1. Wandered over from Irish Central. Enjoyed (and liked and shared) the article and the quick spin I took around your blog. Your dog’s puppyhood sounds suspiciously similar to my experience with my dog. 🙂


    • Hi Josiah, nice to meet you and thank you for taking the time to do all that AND hop on over to check out my blog!

      You should see the state of the dog now… he’s sleeping on his back all legs in the air beside me as I write this! I don’t know how he can be comfortable like that, crazy mutt!


  2. Okay Ali I am a dork! How do I log in on Irish Central to comment? Clicking the link that says login is doing nothing. Do I need to subscribe somewhere or sign up somehow? Oh and I have a feeling I’ll be hunting wild boar soon… I mean scouring the internet for where to buy it in California. 🙂 Less dangerous for sure! It’s just not fair, says Ailbhe, too keep reading about wild boar without being able to eat any. Lol I’m super curious to find out how it tastes myself, too.


    • Let me know how you get on with the wild boar! I’m gonna try get some myself, too!

      I think you have to have an account with Irish Central to comment. I already had one because I was subscribed to receive their daily email alerts. But you might be able to sign in using your other social media log-ins, too.


  3. Congratulations Ali!!! I’m out and about today but will sign up and put a comment on your post over at Irish Central tonight or early tomorrow morning. Wonderful news, and I enjoyed your article as much the second time as the first. Oh and several people got very interested about the place in Dublin where you can buy wild boar, and are urging me to find a similar place in California so I can recreate the recipe. 🙂 . 🙂 Comhghairdeas on the publication!

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    • Thank you Éilis… that made me laugh! I can just imagine them all salivating at the thought! I’ll get some next time Im in Dublin and invite you all round lol!


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