Throwback Thursday – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The wedding procession down to the beach

The wedding procession

In three days, I will be travelling with my family back to the beautiful Greek island of Kalymnos… we’re all very excited! Every year, we say we’re going to try somewhere different, but every year we end up going back, we just can’t seem to tear ourselves away! This year’s visit is causing even more excitement than usual, because we will be joining my mum and my sister and her family there… it’s not often we all get the chance to be in the same place at the same time, these days.


The wedding party walks down to the beach…


down the steps…


and onto the sand…

Kalymnos holds a special place in our hearts, not just because it is beautiful and filled with friendly, smiling Greek people; not even because the food is sensational, or because it’s warm and sunny every day. No.


there was Greek music…


and Greek singing…


and Greek dancing…


rings are exchanged…


yaaaaaaay! The deed is done!

Conor and I had the best holiday of our lives there, because it is where we were married. In fact, we ended up having two weddings only a couple of days apart… but that’s a story for another time.


Family photo opportunity


and back up the hill…


ready to party…


there was lots of cooking, eating and drinking…


some bazouki music…


more Greek dancing…


some of it quite raunchy!


My son Cai sang a song…


and the night was rounded off by a spot of plate smashing!


And that’s why we love Kalymnos!

9 Comments on “Throwback Thursday – My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    • Sitting by the bright blue pool right now beneath the rocky mountain under a clear blue sky and a turquoise sea lapping at the shore… yeah, I’m happy! Love Ireland as you know, but Greece has a special place in my heart that I couldnt live without too!


  1. Hi there enjoyed your post as always. You really made me want to go there – soon x


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