The Tides of Time | A Poem

Night seaI left myself there
under the dark sky,
the starry sky,
beside the moon-dusted sea,
waves patting softly at the shore,
sucking at our feet,
calling us into their cool embrace
with hoarse, raspy voices.

On the strand we strolled,
hand in hand, skin to skin,
the warmth melting through us like honey,
languid, un-hurried,
as the vault wheeled above us,
life pulsed within us,
and earth rocked beneath us and through us
and we, caught in the moment,
lay back and soaked it in.

You left me there,
lost more easily than found,
the pattern of our limbs in the sand
carved resolutely in my mind,
erased by the morning tide,
but not by the passage of time.

12 Comments on “The Tides of Time | A Poem

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    • Thank you! I wrote it on holiday. I wanted to write something light and fun about the sea and sand I could see from my balcony. Instead I got this lol! Its an example of someone else out there pouring their words into my head, I think… I was just a conduit!


      • Well if that’s so you should still give yourself a lot of credit, because not everyone can hear someone else’s story and share it as well as you do. 🙂 And in my own experience, I do end up choosing some of the wording of things… and everyone I know whose words I’ve written for them insist I also own what, they say, is ours together. It’s a wonderful poem.

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      • Great news Ali….I turn 50 on the.11th of Sept….my shoutung me a return trip to Ireland….so we will finally meet….not sure if i will go.for Samhain nx yr or Beltaine 2016….either way cant wait to see you


        • Congratulations, and a very happy birthday to you! What a fabulous birthday present from you dad! Will he be coming with you? Let me know when you’ve booked your flights!


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