Daughter | A Poem


I wrote this a few years back, at a time when I was never far from the fear of losing her.

Looking into her eyes

is to look into the Skerries sea,

on a silver morning.


The lacing of winter branches

reminds me of

the fall of her dark curls.


The touch of her kiss

is wine to me,

her tiny embrace

more precious than air.


When she’s gone,

I’ll not place her, alone,

in the cold dark earth.


I’ll offer her to the sky and the sun,

set her free to roam,

as she never could before.


And then, when the wind blows,

I’ll always feel her,

close all around me, like a hug,


hear her breathing

in the sigh of the breeze.

16 Comments on “Daughter | A Poem

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  2. So many miss the ‘true love’ message that children bring to us. You have captured the essence beautifully with this fine poem. Thank you for sharing it.


  3. I love this poem Alison. It is soooo profound and full of meaning that probably only a parent would understand.


    • Thank you Susan… even when I read it now, it still makes me shudder, because I can still feel how raw it is.


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