The Tuatha de Denann | Were they Irish Gods or Aliens?

You can read my latest article, The Tuatha de Denann | Were they Irish Gods or Aliens on Irish Central… if you’re interested!

Ali xxx

23 Comments on “The Tuatha de Denann | Were they Irish Gods or Aliens?

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  3. I love this Ali! Still figuring out how to post comments on Irish Central. I’ll have time to figure that out this weekend. You make some really excellent points and some of the comments are fascinating too. I’m not sure what to believe either. Here is another speculative theory to add to the mix: physicists now recognize potential multiverses and definite alternate dimentions. What if some people-like beings with advanced technology lived in an alternate universe exactly in the same location as Earth, such as nested universes, or nested dimentions within the universe, and occasionally the dimentions overlapped in space or time so that people could travel back and forth between there and here? It’s a theory about aliens that wouldn’t require any spaceships, just interesting quantum physics. Time would obviously work differently in an alternate universe and, when the universes were almost but not quite overlapping, people would appear to each other in each universe but they would look incorporeal and it wouldn’t be possible to touch them. It would be almost like, well, peering through water, or standing face to face with someone on the other side of a window. The window would be the fabric of the other universe, but it wouldn’t be so closed off that nothing ever broke through. There would be echoes, ways to observe that if you could just reach across you’d be there. It would give an interesting physical credence to the saying that the otherworld is as close as our backyard. I’m not sure about it’s physical likelihood but it seems logically possible. I also really like the theory about the Tuatha Dé Danann ariving from overseas. Either way I can vouch for the description, tall, with red or blond hair, green or extremely blue eyes, very fair. Whoever they are, the Tuatha Dé Danann exist, I have no doubt about it whatsoever. They still exist, even now. Sorry for the really long comment!

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    • This is the 3rd time I’ve tried to post a reply to your comment Γ‰ilis! I dont know what keeps happening… I write it and it seems to post, but its not there! Maybe its disappearing into an alternate dimension lol!

      I really like the idea of connected multi-verses! But its way beyond my limited understanding… far too complicated. Perhaps science will one day be able to explain magic after all.


    • You’re right about that! It used to frustrate me that no one knew the truth… or at least, wasn’t tellin, lol! Now, I just enjoy it for what it is. I guess we’ll never know… the world is full of mysteries!


  4. Wow! So when does your first science fiction piece drop? This is a great accomplishment and a great article. Did they provide you any opportunity for links to your other works?


    • Thank you! Just the bio and a link to my blog at the end of the piece, but Im happy with that.
      On another note, I wrote your review today. Just another spit and polish and I’ll post it tonight.

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  5. Always of interest Ali, Fascinating and well put together. Some have actually claimed that they were the Atlantians. Four Great Cities being one common factor. A superior advanced race, another. Thanks for sharing and keep these articles coming. Im addicted πŸ™‚

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    • Exactly, Ed, it’s not impossible. The advance of small groups of red haired and fair haired people around the world at that time could well be displaced Atlanteans… I wouldn’t rule that out at all!

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  6. Yes, just seen it and reposted it around Facebook a bit. Its a very nice easy to read interpretation … perfect for a general interest news blog. Congratulations.

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    • Why thank you, you’re very kind! I know that you know a great deal about these things, so I’m pleased that you approve!


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