Moving On | A Poem


Let me tell you of her,

Forsake small understanding;

She is the sun after the rain is gone,

the smile after tears have fallen,

food for my soul.

Do you see that now?


It’s bright, this world of hers,

so far removed from my own.

I sneak a glimpse through radiant diamond doors

as her shadow flits between and beyond.

She knows no desire,

she owns every grace.


Bereft, I watch her leave,

cry out as she moves on;

where she goes I may not follow,

she has that yet to learn.


Yet what need of learning

when washed by the tides of love?

What need of love

when washed up on the shores of understanding?

8 Comments on “Moving On | A Poem

  1. Wow this is incredible Ali. You have profound imagery, very moving. When we fully understand that we are love, we don’t have to go anywhere to learn who we are.


    • Sorry Mishka! I replied to your comment this morning and now I see theres nothing there! Glad you liked the poem… they are taking courage to post… they make me feel vulnerable somehow! Silly, I know…

      Liked by 1 person

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