Ancient Places | A Poem

What cities lie buried beneath each hill?

Monuments born of ancient times,

Forgotten and lost but standing still,

Neglected, disconnected, these are our crimes.


What histories are etched into ancient stones?

Tales decayed with the fall of walls,

The sag of dynasty, the crumble of bones,

The march of ghosts through tumbled halls.


If we could learn to unlock the past

What shrouds would unfurl from our eyes?

Would realisation be ours at last?

Understanding the what, when, who and why’s.


The power was strong, up on Shee Mor,

I felt at great peace, content.

At Moytura, where warriors fought their war

no harm for me was meant.


At Uisneach, by the lough where Lugh was drowned

I grieved for Eire’s loss, watched Beltaine fires leap.

Then to Tara, where High Kings were crowned,

the Sacred Stone sadly lost in eternal slumber deep.


These places, their magic floods my soul,

washes me clean of the now.

Their stories surge through me, re-make me whole,

ancient voices tell of the how.


Ancestors sing and call me home.

I would go if I knew the way.

Under my feet, beneath the loam

stirs blood, beats heart of a by-gone day.

12 Comments on “Ancient Places | A Poem

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    • Yes, I saw that article and posted it to my fb page! It’s quite amazing how this new technology is helping to change our perceptions of the past. It must be very exciting to be an archaeologist right now!


  2. Incredible poem, Ali! A part of you already knows the way home, already leads you there. Search for the ones who call you, even if it takes years to find them. When you find them, you will recognize one another reflected in the other’s eyes. Afterward, though you continue to grow, there is in a way no more need to search. This I know. And the landscape, the ancestors who call you, you help to piece whole their memories, and there will come a time when you know you have always been whole, even if sometimes it is hard to feel that way.


    • Thanks ร‰ilis! I hope you are right, I know you speak from personal experience. Glad you enjoyed the poem! Interestingly, I wrote some of it about 20 years ago, and when I found it on a scrap of paper in an old folder recently, I suddenly found I could complete it. Seems like I started my journey a long time ago but got distracted along the way…


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