Is this a book review?

Today on Amazon I saw this book review on a book I was considering buying;

Arrived, but not yet read.” They had given the book a 1 star rating.

Am I missing something? Duh!

17 Comments on “Is this a book review?

  1. There is a fine balance between writing a review and trolling. I do wish there was some way Amazon could tell the difference and erase these nonsensical reviews.

    Perhaps the Internet should be forbidden to some people (you know, a little pop-up window saying “you just lost your Internet privileges for the next month”).


  2. Either someone did not use his or her grey matter, or it is just mean spirited as Craig already mentioned. 😦


  3. Hmmm, you’re post is inspiring me to come up with some, let’s say innovative and creative, ratings for books I haven’t read. Possibility 1: infinity symbol– it’s the ultimate probabilistic optimism about the awesomeness of this book’s hitherto unknown content. 2. infinity/0, which is undefined– the safest option that commits me to no eronious evaluation prior to investigating the actual content of the book for negation or confirmation. 3. Bell curve– it probably won’t fall out of a normal distribution range, I mean will it? 4. Sine wave– what if my feelings on the unknown book content fluctuate while reading it? 5. a scale of imaginary numbers like I^2, 3I, 4I– I haven’t read the book, so this is pure speculation, right? LOL


  4. They were probably upset that the book took so long to get to them and were ranking Amazon, not the author’s writing. People don’t have a clue how these reviews reflect on the work.


  5. This made me smile but, on a serious point I think Amazon should remove reviews of this nature. They contribute nothing to the potential book buyer’s understanding of the work and, more importantly may unfairly penalise a publication which is worthy of a higher marking (4 or 5 star for example). It is wrong that what may be a good read should have it’s rating reduced by someone who, on their own admission has not even read it!


    • Couldnt agree more Drewdog! Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and have their say, but not unless they’ve read the book first. That person had posted 3 reviews like that, all on books they hadnt yet read!


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