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No, I haven’t run out of authors to feature here, I have a fair few fab scribblers already lined up for your future delectation, but I thought as this is my blog, I might promote my own story  on it now and again. This excerpt comes from my new book, Conor Kelly and The Fenian King, which is Book Two of The Tir na Nog Trilogy

Chapter Sixty One – A Wild Goose Chase

the present day…

“I remember now,” exclaimed Conor, as all eyes fastened upon him. “We’re completely barking up the wrong tree.” Shrinking under Ciara’s hard stare, he mumbled a shame-faced apology to the hounds, before continuing excitedly. “He’s not here. At least, he was, but he’s not now. Finegas did bring him here, but somehow word got out, and over the years, rumour became legend and attached itself to the mound. Eventually, there was an amateur excavation in 1931, during which the mound was damaged, as you can see by the cleft in the top of it. They found a male and a female skeleton, both buried standing up and facing east. They were claimed to be those of Fionn and Grainne. But Finegas set it up, knowing it would put an end to the search for proof of Fionn’s fate.”

“How d’you know?” Ciara looked suspicious.

“When I fell from Sceolán’s back, I kind of went back in time. I watched the excavation, and I saw Finegas. He was standing on top of that hill over there.” Conor pointed at the black lump of Sidhe Mor silhouetted against the starry sky. “He was really angry.”

Ciara adopted her familiar stance with fists on hips, brows raised. “You went back in time to 1931? Really? You were right here, you numpty! You were only out of it for, like, thirty seconds.”

“Well, I saw it all happen. Finegas is guiding us from wherever he is now,” insisted Conor.

Ciara sniffed. “That bump to your head really has sent you doolally.” She looked over at Sidhe Mor. “So you’re telling me Finegas moved Fionn from Sidhe Beag to Sidhe Mor?”

“It wasn’t the bump to my…oh, forget it. Look, Finegas left a clue in the position of the skeletons. They were facing due east. That’s the way we have to go.”

Ciara looked even more sceptical. “You’re kidding me. Just because of the position two skeletons you never actually saw were buried in, you’ve decided we have to go east? Well, that narrows it down a bit.” She stalked off angrily.

Bran came and pressed his head against Conor’s chest. I will see if I can find a trail leading east, Treasure Seeker. Why don’t you rest here a while?

And I will go hunting. Bran and I must feed if we are to continue this journey. Light a fire, Conor, and I will bring you meat.

“Uh…thanks, Sceolán, but there’s really no need,” replied Conor hastily, preferring to go hungry for the night. The thought of skinning, gutting and dismembering the carcass of an animal for cooking turned his stomach.

Ciara, on the other hand, looked like she’d derive much pleasure from such work. She came and sat down on the other side of the little fire Conor raised with his magic, and stared moodily into the flames.

“This is ridiculous. We’ve been sent on a wild goose chase. We’ll never find him…if he even existed,” she muttered despondently, wrapping her arms tightly around her knees, and resting her chin on them.

“Actually, we’re closer now than ever. You never let me finish speaking before you stormed off. I know exactly where he is. It’s like I said; Finegas is guiding us.”

“I don’t trust him. He’s mad as a hatter. I think he only stayed alive because of all the magic mushrooms he ate in the forest.”

Conor laughed. “You could be right.”

Ciara raised her eyes to his. “So we’re going east in the morning?”

“Yes, as soon as we’ve had some rest. It’ll be an early start. There’s no time to lose.”

“Do you think you could, you know, take us by portal, if you know where we’re going? I hurt like hell after all this riding.”

Conor sighed. “Me too. I wish I could, but I can only open portals between places I know. Once I’ve been there, I can store the co-ordinates for future use. I don’t know if it’s the same for all the Sidhe, or just my inexperience.”

Ciara’s eyes returned to the flames. “Shame Finegas didn’t think to give you those when he told you where to go.” She reached into her backpack and shook out a blanket. “I’m gonna get some sleep. Sure could do with a burger and a beer right now. Ooh, and a nice, hot bath. Going on a quest isn’t quite the adventure I thought it’d be. Oh well…” She wrapped herself within its folds and was soon sound asleep.

Conor watched the flames die down. It wasn’t long before he was re-joined by the hounds, licking their lips after their feast of fresh flesh. Their muzzles and chests were flecked with splashes of blood.

“Did you pick up the trail?” he asked, tearing his eyes away from the gory evidence of their meal. Bran shook himself, and began grooming. I found no trail.

“If I tell you our destination, will you be able to take us there?”

I have come to know this land well. It is my hunting ground. There are not many parts of it where I have not roamed. Fear not, I will take you anywhere you want to go. But sleep now, Conor, and Sceolán and I will take turns with the watch. In the morning, we will finally meet our old Master.

Sleep came to Conor surprisingly easy on such an empty stomach and hard, cold bed. The last thing he saw before his eyes closed was the stationary figure of Bran standing guard over him like an enormous canine statue.

So there you go… that’s it. If you think you might like to own a copy, you can buy it for your Kindle or Kindle app here and here, or if you haven’t yet been dragged kicking and screaming into the twenty first century, you can now get a paperback copy. Oh, and if you do succumb, would you consider writing a few words of a review? Us Indie authors thrive on on them you know, you’d definitely make my day! Thanks!

Finally, if you are an independent author, and you would like to have your writing featured on the Friday Fiction, please contact me here.

15 Comments on “The Friday Fiction featuring… ME!

  1. Ali, I know I keep saying this but that was awesome and I can finally get a proper paperback copy 🙂 I cant wait to get stuck into this, the excerpt had shivers running down my spin. Looks like my days of ruinhunting might be curtailed whilst I do some quality reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah thanks Ed! I hope you enjoy it if you manage to get hold of a copy, but please dont stop ruin-hunting while you read it… I’ll be getting death threats from all your fans lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ok, that does not sound too promising ‘if I manage’, I better find one or there will be trouble 🙂 I’ve been waiting what seems like an age to get a paperback, resisting the evil temptation of kindle, and you keep teasing with these little excerpts.
        I shall stock pile some sites before I start my reading, then everyone is happy:-) 🙂 🙂


        • Lol! I only meant if you get around to it. Its gonna take around 6 weeks to get the paperback listed with Amazon, but it is available NOW direct from the printer, link is on my blog and the post, which is actually better for me as Amazon obviously dont take their cut out of the proceeds.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Ali, Yeah definitely go ahead and promote you! I will remember to do so as well and write a review hopefully soon. I’m so behind on everything. My week has been, possibly, a bit too eventful. I’ve told you this before but I love that Bran and Sceolán can talk in your book. I need to go back and read your description of them. Do they have straight but kind of thick fur?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Éilis, absolutely no pressure on that review… theres plenty of time, believe me, my book’s not going away and you already took the time to email me with feedback, so don’t worry! I know what its like to be snowed under with work, and life does have a sneaky habit of getting in the way of our best intentions.

      As for the hounds talking, well I reckoned if they were once human, they must have inherited some human traits, and why not the art of meaningful communication?

      I have been lucky enough to meet two Irish wolfhounds. One was an adult, the other a pup. The adult was absolutely mesmerising! I couldnt take my eyes off it! Definitely something primeval about them! If I could have another dog, I’d get one. Just stunning! Yes, their coats are quite thick and wiry, but not dense, more tufty. But like I say, I’ve only ever seen one in real. Its like the Irish red setter; you’d think you’d see loads of them in the country they come from, but in fact they’re quite rare.


      • Re Irish wolf hounds surprisingly there are people out here in the U.S. who get them from breeders, seems the breed is making its way around the world. If I ever have a family, I’d love to have a wolf hound of my own… though I heard it’s best to get two and they’re huge, and I’ll still have a guide dog. That would be a lot of dogs! 🙂 At the moment I can only have a dog who can guide while I walk him. I’m sorry more people aren’t buying your book from sites like smashwords. That’s disappointing to hear.


  3. Good for you. You ought to promote yourself here. It’s your blog after all. I am going to read this one, and leave a review too. I just have a couple of books ahead of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Craig! I’m glad you want to read it! I know what its like to have a long reading list though… it’s great, isnt it? A qeue of books I know I’m going to enjoy reading, and all of them written by Indies! Yaaaay!

      Liked by 1 person

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