National Poetry Day 2014


In the UK and Ireland, today is National Poetry Day. There is a full program of events lined up for the days surrounding this popular annual event in Ireland.  Just use the tags #thinkofapoem and #nationalpoetryday to tag your poetry related events and join in the fun. This year’s theme is ‘REMEMBER’, and so without further ado, I present to you my poem for National Poetry Day 2014.



We jump in the car on a whim, and drive

back to the places of our past,

to the days when spontaneity

was the only way we lived.

We are heady with remembering,

drunk on nostalgia,

and it’s a subtle rebellion,

this abandoning the now and all that’s in it

for the sake of what once was.


But on arriving, we sit quiet.

Memories flare, vivid…lurid.

The minutiae faded by time,

dulled with age,

is not the gift we’d anticipated.

We clutch hands, turn the car,

journey back into our familiar future.

23 Comments on “National Poetry Day 2014

  1. It’s hard sometimes trying to recapture a moment in time when the both of you have most likely changed since then or the place has. Good poem. I lay awake last night with mind creating rhyming verses really easily (at a time when I couldn’t write them down of course), which hasn’t happened for years. Maybe my subconscious new what day it was about to be!


    • Oh that happens to me too! I always have my phone by me bed for the alarm in the morning, so I just type into my memos app when that happens, which is great! No hunting for tools of the trade, which as you say, are never to hand when you want them, and I don’t even have to put the light on and disturb my husband! Thanks for commenting, and glad you enjoyed the poem!

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