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The Goblin Trilogy will be $2.99 from 5th-10th November. It’s normally $9.99; the sale price is less than the normal cost of just the first book.

Excerpt from The Goblin Trilogy

‘You admit that you are mortal, yet you come to my grotto, knowing that you will surely die for the trespass.’

Anton felt himself gaining the upper hand.

‘The creatures of the forest live in harmony with us. Your own people who live in the water refuse to eat us.’

At this Kahjak blanched. The fact that the Kol’ksu had not eaten the arrogant human when he threw him down the pit to them had disturbed the warrior goblin greatly at the time. Anton continued quickly.

‘The forgers of fire gave me this sword and even now the air is full of dragons helping to defend this land from hostile invaders.’

Kahjak’s mouth actually dropped open at the news of the dragons. Anton felt a secret elation that the goblin hadn’t already known about them and pressed the advantage, speaking vehemently. 

‘You who are so close to the Earth have good reason to distrust my species, but I come to you not to ask you to fight for me, but to join with us as brothers – as my brother – to defend our shared land from those who would ravage it for their own purposes.’

Kahjak snorted like a bull preparing to charge. He still stood very close to Anton, their noses nearly touching. Anton pulled his one Ace out of his sleeve.

‘Haghuf has taken an arrow from these humans. Talla helps him now, but I do not know if he will live. The invading humans have attacked goblin kind.’

It was a lie. Anton knew very well that it was the Southern man, Rolf, who had deliberately shot Haghuf, but it was the one thing that would invoke the goblins’ defensive laws. There was a risk that they would attack all humans rather than just the invaders, but it was a risk that Anton had to take. The snorting increased as Kahjak flexed his muscles and started shifting his weight from one foot to another in a sort of dance that spoke of anger rising. Anton held the massive goblin’s eyes as he steeled himself against whatever might happen when the eruption lashed out.

Suddenly Kahjak stopped. Without taking his eyes from Anton, he issued an order.

‘Klurdan, send a runner to Kralic. Call the Dunai. It is time to kill humans.’

Anton still stood firmly, holding the eye contact, as he waited to find out if he would be the first kill of the day by Those Who Protect.

About Jaq D. Hawkins..


Jaq D Hawkins is a published writer with 10 books in publication in the Mind, Body, Spirit genre published by Capall Bann Publishing, as well as four Fantasy novels in print and E-book; The Wake of the Dragon, Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance, and, Power of the Dance, published by Goblin Publishing. A combined book of the Goblin Trilogy has just been released and a science fiction project is currently in progress.

Thanks, Jaq, for dropping by aliisaacstoryteller today… Leina’s Sorrow was one of the highlights of the Of Words and Water 2014 charity anthology for me!

Jaq regularly posts on her blog, and you can find out more about her quite considerable backlist of books on her website. Jaq’s books are available to buy on,, and Lulu. You can also buy her books here.

If you are an Indie author, and you would like to see your latest project featured here on The Friday Fiction, please do get in touch.

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