Today it’s all about ME!



As a child… I always had my nose in a book, in several, actually, all at the same time. I spoke a unique hybrid language of English, French, Greek, Italian and Arabic. I had a pet donkey, rode a chopper bike, and was (fairly) fearless on a skateboard. I didn’t go to school until I was seven years old. I had a phobia about scorpions, swam every day, went barefoot even in winter, and was almost betrothed to an Arabian Bedouin prince.

Fast forward… and life is much more conventional. I am married with three children and a dog. I live in rural Ireland, where I get to hang out with my imaginary friends. I fear spiders instead of scorpions. I never go shoe-less. I spend much of my time visiting ruined ancient buildings,  and dreaming of the distant past. It’s easy to do that in Ireland; you’re never more than a footstep away from history.

I always dreamed… of watching the sun rise over Macchu Picchu on the morning of the Millennium. I’m proud to say I achieved that, although a few months early. It was as magical a moment as I had anticipated. I always dreamed of writing a book. I’m proud to say I have achieved that too, in fact, I’ve written two. I always dreamed that Victor Ambrus would illustrate my books, and that my books would one day be made into a blockbuster movie. Yeah, I’m still dreaming…

I write for many reasons… to tell a story, of course. Every writer has their own story to tell. I write to challenge my reader’s perceptions, because sometimes, things are not at all how they appear. I write to educate, because my life has taught me things no one else knows, and its my duty to share. I write for sheer pleasure, but mostly, I write to be read.

I read… all the time, mostly on my Kindle Android app. I especially love to read in bed at night. I have discovered a whole new world of wonderful Indie authors, such as Jay Howard, Rachele BakerKathy Krisko, Jane Dougherty, Craig Boyack, Nickolas C Rossis, Peyton Reynolds, Grace Jolliffe, Allie Cresswell, Patrick de Moss, Mira Prabhu, Dax Christopher, and many others. Other writers I admire are George RR Martin, Rick Riordon, Tolkien, Alex Scarrow, Rosemary Sutcliffe, Alan Early, David Eddings, CS Lewis, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Richard Adams, among others.

What this blog is about… Well, why not take a look for yourself and make your own mind up? Here are some links to my most popular posts. Thanks for stopping by!

Hy-Brasil | Mysterious Lost Island of Irish Mythology

sea declineHy-Brasil was an island which once lay off the west coast of Ireland. Its name is derived from Old Irish hy, a variation of í, meaning ‘island’, and brasil, from the root word bres, meaning ‘beautiful/ great/ mighty’. It has also been explained as coming from Uí Breasal, meaning ‘of the clan of Bresal’, a people who once inhabited the North East of Ireland.

Legend has it that the island lies shrouded in mist most of the time, thus shielded from the eyes of mortals, but that one day in every seven years, the fog rolls back to reveal its distant splendour to anyone who might be looking. Read more…

A Samhain Story | Lugh, Master of All Arts

Lugh was said to have joined the Denann in battle against the Fomori on the eve of Samhain. This is my retelling of how it happened, taken from my first book, Conor Kelly and The Four Treasures of Eirean.

Lugh hammered loudly on the palace gates, his men gathered about him. They had been travelling many days, and darkness would soon be falling. They had no intention of spending yet another night sleeping on the hard ground with just their cloaks to warm them. Read more…

Irish Mythology | Donn, Lord of the Dead

bull rockAs far as we can tell, the ancient Irish people (amended from ‘Celts’. Please see comments below) never had a God of the Dead. The Otherworld was said to be the domain of Manannán, God of the Sea, but the myths and legends do not tell of him being a God of the Dead. However, there is someone, a mere mortal, who has come to be associated with this role. Read more…


Eating like the Ancestors | An Experiment in Irish Iron Age Cuisine

bread3The things I make my family do, and all in the name of research for my books and blog! Fortunately for me, they tolerate my whims and fancies quite well, even humour me a little, thinking I don’t notice their exchanged glances and rolled eyes.

Not so long ago, I discussed the diet of the ancients, which aroused much interest. So, I decided to try it out for myself. Here are my results. Read more…



People, Places and Pronunciation – A Guide. Read more…

The Irish Wolfhound in Mythology and History

Irish wolfhound in woods surrounded by mossy green trees

The Irish Wolfhound, known as Cú Faoil in Irish (pronounced Koo-Fil), is the tallest breed of dog in the world. Originally, it was used in battle to pull enemy warriors from horse-back or chariot, and also for hunting wolves, after which it is named, wild boar, deer and some stories even say, the Giant Irish Elk. It is a sight hound, which means it hunts by speed and sight rather than scent, as the bloodhound does. It is said that the Irish Wolfhound is the only dog fast enough to catch a wolf, and strong enough to kill it. Read more…


The Irish Road in History and Mythology

irish Road 3We have always credited the Romans with building incredibly straight roads as they advanced on their campaign of dominion across Europe, but the Romans never came to Ireland in anything other than small groups to trade and barter. What  if the Romans were just making use of a network of roads which already existed? I mean, why go to the extra trouble and expense of excavating and building new roads, when all they had to do was lay their stones over the top of a pre-existing system? (I know, here she goes again with her crackpot ideas and theories…) Read more…

The Wheelchair

1372170502258The occupational therapist stuck his head through the physiotherapy room door. “Alison, can you bring Carys in for her wheelchair fitting on Thursday?”

It was a simple enough question, not even a completely unexpected one, but my reaction startled even myself.

I burst into tears. Noisy, heartfelt tears; the kind which make your nose run and don’t look pretty, like they do in the movies; tears over which I had no control, and no way of stopping. Read more…

29 Comments on “Today it’s all about ME!

    • Thanks Rachel, but actually I was a very moody, introverted child. And its not me that’s interesting, but the stuff I share on my blog… there’s a difference! As time goes by, I’m definitely learning more and more, and realising just how little I actually know, so perhaps that is smart lol! In any case, thank you for your lovely compliments! ☺👍

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      • I understand, Ali. It’s just that you’ve had a lot of experiences that many people just don’t have, which is what I meant by magical. Not to say that life wouldn’t also be hard, it’s always a mix of both the good and the bad of course.

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        • You’re right. Yes, I’m very grateful that I experienced so much in the earlier days, as my life has certainly become more restricted since Carys came into our lives. She’s taking us on a diversion, an unexpected adventure. We have to make the most of that as we dont know how long it will last; another child with her syndrome was unexpectedly lost to us on Friday. He was only 4. That’s 4 children this year. It makes me very fearful. Anyway, I’m rambling! Again…


  1. It’s all about you, but you couldn’t help yourself – you had to kindly mention us other authors, too! Typical Ali… 😀

    Thank you so much for the inclusion here 🙂

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    • Then… not now, unfortunately! When we returned to UK I went to senior school. They were just starting to teach french vocab. Anything that doesnt get used regularly gets forgotten and eventually lost. One of my few regrets…

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