Friday Funny | Irish Humour and Ryanair

For all those people out there who have ever flown Ryanair…


17 thoughts on “Friday Funny | Irish Humour and Ryanair

    1. I dont know! I sat next to the owner on one flight, he is quite a celebrity here in Ireland, everyone loves to hate him! He was actually very nice. I had Carys on my lap, and she kept throwing her toy on the floor, and he kept picking it up and giving it back. He didnt want to chat, and neither did I, but he was just a human being….

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  1. Too funny! I’ve never flown Ryanair, but the performance reminded me of my experience when I arrived at the T1 in Dublin back in 2009, which event I adapted slightly for this passage in my novel:

    β€œHe praised God fervently when the plane landed in Dublin, but never in his scores of prior arrivals, had he been so tempted to blaspheme by the need to scurry like a baffled rat through the labyrinthine bowels of a terminal that he now believed had been built by some berserk bureaucrat to thwart the escape of arriving passengers.”

    Thanks for the laugh! πŸ˜€


        1. Sorry! No insult intended, I love Greece and the trials and tribulations of getting there are all part of the experience for me. I haven’t been to Athens in a very long time, so I’m thinking of the little ones on the islands…

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          1. Ach, no insult involved, don’t worry. I have my own stories to tell from the Corfu airport – the one where they stop the traffic whenever a plane takes off! πŸ™‚

            I think you’ll love the Athens one. At least the Olympic Games did leave something behind.

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