Grá mo Chroí, Love of my Heart

Grá mo Chroí 'Love of my Heart' Love Stories from Irish Myth

Grá mo Chroí
‘Love of my Heart’
Love Stories from Irish Myth

Grá mo Chroí, ‘Love of my Heart’, is a collection of love stories that Jane Dougherty and I have put together based on some of the most beautiful and tragic tales of Irish mythology.

What started out as a little hobby of a project, initially just to boost and support our other existing titles soon snowballed into something with a life and energy of it’s own.

Why? We wanted it to be the best we can make it be. But also because we love the old stories, they’re in our blood, and we need to do them justice. Besides, as we decided on which stories to tell, as we emailed various drafts back and forth till we had honed them into something sparkling and gorgeous and ethereal, as they deserve, the characters became friends reaching out to us through the centuries, expressing their sentiments through us.

So between us, we have created a book of love stories… whoever thought I would do that? Working with Jane has been a pleasure and an inspiration, and it has been so much fun sharing the experience of writing a book with her, instead of going it alone.

More details and cover reveal will be coming soon. In the meantime, I want to share one more thing with you. Yesterday, Jane tweeted the following poems to me, in reference to two of the stories in the book. They were so lovely, I didn’t want them to be lost in Twitter-Land, so here they are. (She’s a very talented lady, if you didn’t already know!)

She watches the stars

through the rowan leaves

plucks berries red as blood

& memories of her blackhaired love”


“From the sea she came

& the sea took her back


he follows the wave

but the sea is ever empty”

Today I tweeted two poems back.

“Yew boughs twined together

Lovers’ limbs interlace

Twisted, tattooed with ogham

In the bark, an image of a face”


On Aonbhar’s back she did ride

Hooves trod clouds in the sky

Her passion is the wild ocean roar

Sorrow, the grey gulls cry”

Grá mo Chroí 'Love of my Heart' Love Stories from Irish Myth

Grá mo Chroí
‘Love of my Heart’
Love Stories from Irish Myth

35 Comments on “Grá mo Chroí, Love of my Heart

  1. Great stuff, Ali, can’t wait to see something more to poor old maligned Diarmaid & Grainne, involving young love, rather than, erm… Tea. Really looking forward to your book!


    • Yep! Gaelic! It’s available to pre-order on Amazon, launch date is Feb 11th… just in time for Valentine’s Day! I’ll get a link up there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely, lovely words – you are both wonderful writers, and may this book be a huge success! How do you pronounce the title – it’s Gaelic?
    I now feel connected to Rowena, since it seems my Irish ancestors came to Maine via Quebec during the potato famine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Noelle! The nearest pronunciation would be graw muh khree but the ch of chroì would be soft, like in loch.

      Thanks for the compliments about the book!


  3. As a fellow lover of Irish mythology, I look forward to this. Anything about Cúchulainn in there? He’s my favorite Irish hero!


  4. Wow Ali!
    You and Jane certainly weave some magic. That book is going to be amazing.
    I don’t think I’ve mentioned to you before that I am descended from an Irish famine orphan Bridget Donovan who came from Midleton Workhouse out to Sydney. I am sure I have found the most invisible woman in history. I tried to whip up a bit of romance. However, she married an illiterate older man and had a number of children out in the Australian bush. I doubt there was much romance there to be found.
    I am also descended from an Irish man who came out to Australia as an Able-Seaman. This one has more potential in the romance stakes. I imagine him galavanting around town in his uniform. I do try to liven up my family history by bringing in the Irish customs and folklore as names and dates get bit dry and boring.
    I will have to order your book and fall deeper and deeper in love with all things Irish.
    Worth keeping in mind that there is a big Irish Famine Monument celebration in Sydney each year and last year Brendan Graham came out (at his own expense) Here’s the link:
    Quite a lot of Australians have Irish heritage and love all things Irish. We don’t have the population of America but worth keeping us in mind.
    All the best!
    xx Rowena


    • Lol! Hope you dont mind that… didnt have cover art so had to use your pic… you look kinda cool on my sidebar!

      I loved working with Jane. It was so nice to share the process and bounce ideas off each other, instead of doing everything by myself.


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