Winter Willows | A Poem

winter willows

Snow falls

Feather soft

For the robin, no perch here.


Across the field

mournful cattle low.

Too cold, the dark end of the year.


Soft hues of Eire

earth-brown, grass-green, sky-blue,

overcome by stark monochrome.


Diamonds sparkle

but the sun’s rays fail

to pull the beast from my home.


Silent falls the snow,

No choice but to endure.

Yet the trees hold up strong branches for more.

36 thoughts on “Winter Willows | A Poem

      1. We’ve had a bit of a break from the heat this week but we’ve been indoors a lot because the sun is too hot and we have fairly pale complexions and burn to a crisp. No doubt, you’re probably indoors a fair bit with the cold.

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