Winter Willows | A Poem


Snow falls
Feather soft
For the robin, no perch here.

Across the field
mournful cattle low.
Too cold, the dark end of the year.

Soft hues of Eire
earth-brown, grass-green, sky-blue,
overcome by stark monochrome.

Diamonds sparkle
but the sun’s rays fail
to pull the beast from my home.

Silent falls the snow,
No choice but to endure.
Yet the trees hold up strong branches for more.

36 Comments on “Winter Willows | A Poem

  1. Beautiful poem but I particularly loved the photo and all that beautiful snow. I of course do not feel its cold.


    • Thank you Éilis! I was inspired by the bare branches of all the trees holding up snow and wondering how much more they could take before they snapped!


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