Cover Reveal | Grá mo Chroí, ‘Love of my Heart’

GMCFinal Version lge

Available to pre-order on and Launches Wednesday 11th February.

It’s not slushy, it’s not dewy-eyed, it’s not bodice-ripping, but it IS Irish, it IS mythology, and it IS romantic!

Back in November, it seemed like such a good idea; Jane Dougherty and I had got to know each other via our blogs, we had similar interests, and wrote along similar themes. When she agreed to the Grá mo Chroí project, I was delighted… for about five minutes, and then the panic set in.

I don’t/ can’t write short stories. I had never written a love story in my life. And Jane was so much further along the evolutionary path of a writer than I, how could I hope to meet the standard she set? I was going to have to up my game, and quick; we had settled on love stories from Irish myth with a launch date just prior to Valentine’s Day. We had two months in which to gather our thoughts, select and write our stories, edit them, create a book cover, format and publish, and plan and implement something of a blog tour (a big and heartfelt thank you to all our lovely blogging friends who stepped up to the mark here and agreed to help us out!). And in the middle of that, we had the Christmas and New Year holidays.

It was looking like a bit of a tall order. It normally takes me at least a year to write a book (I’m very slow!). But this one came together surprisingly easily, perhaps because it was such a pleasure to have someone to share it with, perhaps because we were able to support and encourage each other, and just maybe the heroes and heroines of these tales really wanted their stories to be told.

These are not your average love stories… how could they be? They come from Irish mythology, they feature brave, fierce warriors like Fionn mac Cumhall, Cuchullain and Diarmuid; powerful Gods and Goddesses like Manannán and Cliodhna; Fairy Queens like Fand; wise and noble High Kings like Cormac mac Airt, and beautiful Princesses like Deirdre and Grainne. They are full of passion, tragedy and poetry, all the ingredients which make a love story clutch at your heart, stir your emotions and excite your senses. They are stories which should not be forgotten.

I have enjoyed working with Jane on this project immensely. You can read what Jane has to say about it here. The tales we have told may not be represented in the way you might expect, and the views of some of the characters may surprise you. These are the stories which spoke to us, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

39 Comments on “Cover Reveal | Grá mo Chroí, ‘Love of my Heart’

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  2. Pre-ordered! 🙂

    And I’ll second Craig’s invitation for a guest post or author feature – in fact, I’m surprised we haven’t done one already! Just contact me through my contact form whenever you’re ready, and we’ll arrange it 🙂

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  3. Pre-ordered, robbery at 99p Ali. I’m sure Cormac McAirt must have been an ancestor of mine with his wisdom and all 😉


      • Well he was probably the start of the McCarthy gang. My Dad took me to a ruined castle in West Cork once and said it was the castle of the McCarthy’s. As you know, genealogy in Ireland is almost impossible so you never know 🙂


        • Well McCarthy certainly has the potential to derive from Mac Airt. Genetic or assumed by your ancestors is hard to say. But why not? Very exciting! Have you ever tried tracing your family tree? See how far back you can get?


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  5. If it wasn’t for the fact that its a brand new cover Ali, I would have sworn it was done between 1900 and 1910. It has that classic ‘Edwardian’ look about it. 🙂

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  6. Would the two of you like to post something about how to work collaboratively over on my blog? I’d love to have you. Include a bunch of links and a cover, etc.

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