Grá mo Chroí | Tweet Your Love Poem! Just for Fun Competition

Grá mo Chroí 'Love of my Heart' Love Stories from Irish Myth

Grá mo Chroí
‘Love of my Heart’
Love Stories from Irish Myth

So, unless you have been holidaying in an alternate universe, you will no doubt be aware by now that the lovely Jane Dougherty and I have written a collection of love stories based on tales from Irish mythology, and we’ve called it Grá mo Chroí, ‘Love of my Heart’, Love Stories from Irish Myth.

We began tweeting little poems  to each other, just for a bit of fun. Jane kicked off with this stunning little gem;

From the sea she came

&the sea took her back


he follows the wave

but the sea is ever empty

to which I replied with this;

On Aonbhar’s back she did ride

Hooves trod clouds in the sky

Her passion is the wild ocean roar

Sorrow, the grey gulls cry

That was it! We were hooked! Since then, thirty mini poems have flown back and forth across the ether between us, which some of our lovely Twitter-friends have kindly re-tweeted. It’s been fun! You can see them all on our hashtag #Gramochroi, but here are just a few of my favourites.

The surf roars

waves crash

Caibhan cries

but his love is gone

her golden hair

trails of sunlight

on the water


Yew boughs twined together

Lovers’ limbs interlace

Twisted, tattooed with ogham

In the bark, an image of a face      


Dawn fell silent

on snow

blood splashed

and in the black shadows

I thought I saw your raven hair


Men chase boar on Benbulbens back

noble creature, a fine kill

it turns to spear in frenzied attack

hunter shudders& lies still


He left her sleeping

her hair about her face

his last sight


the sand mirror smooth

mocked his tears


Chalice bears a potent brew

Deception to disguise

Forbidden love will blossom

Hid from Fionns eyes.


Ok, I think you get the idea. Well, this is where you come in, because we’re opening the #Gramochroi hashtag on Twitter to all of you in the hope that you’ll join us in writing some love poetry for Valentine’s Day!

All you have to do is Tweet your mini poem as you would any message, but don’t forget to add the hashtag #Gramochroi at the end. If your poem is short enough, and you add mine or Jane’s Twitter name, we might even Tweet one back at you!

This competition will run from today, Wednesday 4th February, until the end of next Wednesday 11th February. At the end, we will publish our Top Ten faves on our blogs. We’ll even throw in a couple of Kindle copies of our books for the winner!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and true love, please please pretty please come and join in the fun on Twitter and Tweet your lovely love poems! Don’t forget the hashtag #Gramochroi!

34 Comments on “Grá mo Chroí | Tweet Your Love Poem! Just for Fun Competition

  1. Awesome idea, Ali! You are actually making me seriously think about tweeting. I kind of decided a long time ago that I wasn’t sure I wanted it to ever be said of me that I tweeted. 🙂 If it doesn’t take too long for me to figure out how to sign up, I will post something. Otherwise, perhaps I can vicariously tweet through someone else.

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      • Alright, Ali! Now that I have been initiated into the mystery school of twitterhood, I must go recover from the most arduous ordeal, the details of which must remain hidden (well except for the few very gnarly scars that will be hard to overlook.) Lol. Just kidding!

        Sorry, to be serious, I now have a twitter account which does seem rather strange to me, and as soon as I finish my dissertating work for the day I will be posting a poem. I’m following you, now! You know, no one else has ever gotten me to sign up on twitter, and they’ve tried. 🙂 I feel very modern now.

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        • LMAO! And I did it without even trying! Lol! The mystery school of Twitterhood… love it! Actually it wasnt me but your love of poetry… it was too much of a draw for you to resist! Now be warned they are not masterpieces… its hard to do that in less than 140 characters! But its FUN!


          • Too true, Ali! Okay, now for the technical question, how is tweeting done? In my effort of procrastinating from work, I have given it a try, but honestly don’t know how to tweet. What do you do with the hashtag, and do you just put stuff in the tweet text box and put the hashtag at the end and press tweet? Should I be able to see my tweet after posting it? Thanks!


            • Put the hashtag in the tweet box first. Then youll know that all remaining characters can be used for your poem. When you press send it will disappear but you will see it on your twitter feed page. Ill look for you now and follow you. Youll soon get used to it!


            • Oooh! Not sure how, but it’s there on the right page! Appologies if my poem gets reiterated a bunch of times, I really don’t know what I’m doing. 🙂

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            • Thanks, Ali! Promise this is the last question: did you retweet with something of your own? I can only see that you retweeted, but don’t know how to look at the text of it if there is any.

              Funny bit is that I keep wanting to write retreet instead of retweet. I will not be looking into the why of that one. 🙂


            • Lol! Retweet means you just sent that tweet to all your followers as it is. There isnt an option to add anything to it. Did you see the poem I sent you? It will be in your twitter feed.


            • No, I can’t find it on my tweets page. Is it somewhere else? Hmmmm, I wonder whether I hadn’t yet validated my account yet when you tweeted it, maybe put it up there again and it will be on top and I’ll look for it!


  2. Mine has gone Ali, but because I’m all furry thumbs I’ll repeat it here:
    As deep as the deepest Ocean – As far as the furthest star – As strong as a solar storm – In my heart you always are. #Gramochroi

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