Tara Sparling Taking Stock, Or the Electrical Side of Blogging

Tara Sparling is the WINNER of the Best Newcomer Blog Award Ireland 2014, and yesterday she had this to say about Grá mo Chroí, Jane Dougherty and my collaboration. (Please note WordPress won’t allow me to re-blog her post for some reason, but I’m linking to it instead.)

“There’s a new book coming out which might save our nation’s youth

For anyone who was scarred by my cringeworthy piece on How To Torture A Beloved Story To Death (And Ruin Children), there is an antidote to the pain and suffering I caused you.

Grá Mo Chroí (Love Stories From Irish Myth) is written by two very talented tellers of Irish lore, Ali Isaac and Jane Dougherty, and features an ethereal telling of the Diarmuid and Gráinne myth from Gráinne’s perspective, along with several other vivid resurrections of ancient Irish tales of love and loss. It’s a lovely book, not least for its lyricism, which makes you feel like you’re listening to these stories by the fireside. It’s interesting too to see how our forebears thought of love. The viewpoints are startling, and refreshing. Rom-coms they ain’t.”

You can read more of Tara’s witty and entertaining posts on her blog, Tara Sparling Writes. It’s definitely worth popping along for a gander to see what a successful, award winning blog looks like, and also to find out how to join the blogging workshop that Tara is running for Carousel Creates.

Thanks Tara for your kind words about our book!

2 Comments on “Tara Sparling Taking Stock, Or the Electrical Side of Blogging

  1. Thank you, Ali – you’re too kind! The last time someone said such nice things about me, they’d mistaken me for someone else. Actually, hang on, that’s not true. Nobody’s ever said such nice things about me 😉

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