Winners of #Grámochroí Twitter Poetry Competition

clover heart on wooden backgroundIt wasn’t easy. We had a lot of entries, and Jane and I had to short-list them down to only ten. The lovely Nina of #Fieryverse then chose the winners. Without further ado, here they are, the glorious shining stars of the #Grámochroí twitter poetry competition!

Deep water forests
of kelp and the moss
green bones of lost ships:
your city of silence
whose streets I cannot walk.

By Yvonne Marjot ‏@Alayanabeth

She writes her love on the wind
In light upon the water
In the pure line of a tern’s dive
From blue to blue
Reading, he smiles.

By Harriet Goodchild ‏@HMGoodchild

the warship left.

in hawthorn trees
he twist a twig ring

now in grief,
hand on the back
of her neck

it became gold.

By John Feaster ‏@JohnFeasterB Feb 9

In addition, we felt that there were others of an equally high standard, which were also worthy of a mention, so here are our four runners up, too.

She meets her love by starlight
A shiver & a shimmer
Two swans rise from the black water

By Harriet Goodchild ‏@HMGoodchild

In a howling wind
the hunt goes past,
wild geese in skeins.
Herne himself,
writhing in mist,
shakes his spear

By  Yvonne Marjot ‏@Alayanabeth

Arise with me
Before dawn
Awakens with its golden flame
Alone together
We’ll weave a fire
So bright it puts the sun to shame

By Éilis Niamh ‏@EilisNiamh

Niamh wept emerald tears
for her lover of so many years
she kissed his lips
bid him farewell
the isle of Eire
his death knell

By Merry Maiden ‏@QueenofCups99

Thank you to everyone who took part; it was quite addictive and a lot of fun passing poem tweets back and forth of an evening! This is not the end of #Gramochroi, so please continue to send in your mythology love poem tweets, and don’t forget to include the hashtag.

neverlastingThank you to Nina of #fieryverse for judging, who was very busy in the final stages of publishing her new book, Neverlasting: Poetry of Love Lust & Lechery, an anthology of love poems which includes three from our very own Jane Dougherty, so please be sure to follow the link and check it out.

If you fancy a bit of extra reading, you can find all Jane’s books at and, and mine are here (uk) and here (us), and you will also find Grá mo Chroí there, if you haven’t yet got your copy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

17 Comments on “Winners of #Grámochroí Twitter Poetry Competition

  1. What a wonderful time of it over at #gramochroi! Congratulations and maith thú to Harriet Goodchild and Yvonne Marjot especially, seriously everyone should go read more of their poems on twitter! I’ve loved reading them, not just the ones up on the post here. I am so honored to have a poem in the running up. Absolutely so much fun, and yes, addicting. I’ll definitely still be tweeting, no longer so new at it. Also Caoilte and Ailbhe inspired the poem posted of ours here so gratitude is from the three of us. It’s been so exciting to be meeting so many other awesome poets on twitter too, I hope I get to read more from everyone. 🙂 Slainte mhór gach duine. 🙂


  2. All very true. Except that our short list of ten was an Irish ten—fifteen if I remember correctly 🙂 We had to leave so many out as it was. Thanks to all who participated. It was wonderful to receive so many beautiful entries.

    Liked by 2 people

          • Lol, Ali! Now I think I’ll need to be explaining. Here’s an Irish argument: it’s terrible unless it isn’t! 🙂 1. I read in an Irish grammar book that, paraphrased: Here’s a rule. It’s always the case, unless it isn’t. 🙂 2. My friends and I decided that the above rule was very Irish indeed and I’m not sure I can defend that opinion, but it stuck and is very entertaining. 3. Fifteen being an Irish ten follows the above rule and so 4. Is totally entertaining and 5. I loved it. And now, 6. Not sure why I’m numbering my premises and 7. I hope my strange sense of humor didn’t actually make you feel bad because fifteen is absolutely an Irish ten and there are now even logical reasons for that, and therefore the following rule must apply to it: fifteen is not ten, unless it is!

            Liked by 1 person

            • Ok… have you been at the vino? Lol! I’m confused. But I’m quite happy for 15 to be the new 10… I think! 😁


            • No, no, just having a bit of philosophical fun. I did just get the first full night sleep in five days, can I claim sleep deprivation? 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

            • Lol! I’ve had that too for about a week now thanks to my little daughter and her crazy mixed up body clock, so I know how you feel!!!


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