Book Review | Arson by CS Boyack


I’m giving you a good look at the cover, cos it’s awesome!

I had read a few of Craig’s books, and greatly enjoyed them all, so I decided to try Arson. I had some misgivings before I began, because it is Sci-Fi, which usually goes straight over my head… all that physics and futuristic technology stuff just boggles my mind and completely alienates me, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Also, I like to think that through our writing and blogging journeys, Craig and I have become friends, and it would hurt me to have to write a less than favourable review, or just not write anything at all; in the Indie world, reviews matter, but they have to be honest and written with integrity.

So I was a little apprehensive at the start.

I needn’t have worried though. Although set in a futuristic world, Arson is all about the characters and their story. And what characters they are!

Perry is the main protagonist, an inter-galactic fire-fighting hero who through no fault of his own, becomes injured in service, and discharged from duty. He’s the kind of man who puts his own life at risk to save a friend. For a while, he is lost… fire-fighting is in his blood, his father was a fireman, and his sister is an arson investigator.

Then his sister is gruesomely murdered, and he decides to apply for her job, with the intention of investigating her murder. At Glynnco training camp he meets the weird and wacky Dr Pennington, a female character that I just adored! This book has many good points, but Dr Pennington is by far the best, and I hope she reappears in future stories.

An action-packed beginning sets the tone and pace for this story, which has a little something for everyone; adventure, adrenaline, violence, camaraderie, boot-camp, romance, sex, Β some of the sex scenes are quite humorous! Oh, and did I mention, there’s lots of fire!

As far as the science fiction goes, this is certainly an interplanetary multi-cultural futuristic world, but it’s still recognisable; they still go trick or treating at Halloween, there is still a need for religion, the characters still eat real food, and wash up their dirty dishes. They still drive cars, but outside of the inner city, they fly in a complex skyway network. The mobile phone has been replaced by the tablet, but it’s more than today’s device, it’s ID, and every function of a character’s life is contained on it.

Arson proved to be one of those books I couldn’t put down, and when I did, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. Boyack is a rare breed of author who can write successfully and convincingly in a multitude of genre’s, and never disappoints because his greatest strength lies in his development of highly believable and enjoyable characters that you grow to really care about.

The futuristic stuff is sure to satisfy Sci-Fi buffs, but the story will definitely please everyone else.

You can buy this book on and Don’t forget to also check out Craig’s blog.

14 Comments on “Book Review | Arson by CS Boyack

  1. I’m about three quarters of the way through reading this book myself. It’s taking me ages, that’s not a slight on the book, I’m just a slow reader and seem to have less time than ever to read lately! But I would totally agree with your review, both in the initial concern with it being sci-fi, and then in the relief that there was no need to worry! There are indeed great characters and a very engaging story. I must finish it soon!


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