The cairn and the caravans

A fantastic post from the Urban Prehistorian on modern attitudes to archaeology, our past and our heritage…

the urban prehistorian

‘The enemy of the nomad is the authority that wants to take the space and enclose it and to create fixed and well-directed paths for movement. And the nomad, cut free of roots, bonds and fixed identities, is the enemy of authority, resisting its discipline’ (Mike Pearson (2010) Site specific performance, pg 20)

This is the story of a Neolithic chambered long cairn that has gradually become wrapped by caravans, enclosed by campervans, ringed by campers. En-camped. It’s right in the middle of the caravans!

Keltie Bridge campsite sign

The life of the caravan owner: pottering about, mobile yet static in a mobile yet static home. A space that is compact and nested, no sharp edges, no wasted space. Things slide away, fold up and compress. Awkward spaces and strangely angled rooms, the dance to get through doors. Claustrophobically small with 360 degree window walls and pleated patterned curtains.

Caravan parks: Ballardian…

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4 Comments on “The cairn and the caravans

  1. Tourism, all the trampling of history and the environment that goes on in the name of an individual’s right to have a good time, makes my blood boil. I bet the Tinkers would respect a burial mound better than this bunch of sad people.

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    • They may well do, but I bet they hang their washing all over it! Have you ever noticed, they have enormous amounts of washing, don’t know how they fit it all in their tiny homes!


      • They are very clean people 🙂 It’s a hallmark of our Bulgarians too. They strew their washing over the pavements, out the windows, hang it from the shutters, and some of them even take stuff down to the park to hang over the railings!

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        • Lmao! Arent there laws a out that kind of thing? When I lived in Germany you were only allowed to have washing on your apartment balcony between certain hours of the day… true!


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