Happy Paddy’s Day!

Here is a modern Irish anthem for the day that’s in it! I couldn’t find you a pretty video of these handsome boys, so the lyrics will have to do… enjoy!

Personally, I will be avoiding pubs, parades, Guinness, Leprachauns and all other Irish stereotypes tomorrow, but enjoy your festivities, whatever they might be!

St. Patrick's Day Greeting Card

May the luck o’ the Irish be with yez!


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18 Comments on “Happy Paddy’s Day!

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  2. Back at you! Wore green today for the first time knowing I was Irish! Unfortunately it was 85 and the only thing I had was a green sweater.

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    • Lol! Well good for you… its wonderful knowing your heritage and where you belong, and that sweater is now an emblem for you. Ps… bring it with you when you come over, you’ll need it here, and bring some spares. (You’ll probably wear them all at once! 😅)


  3. Happy St Patrick’s Day Ali. Have you heard of ‘The Irish House Party?’ Im sure they’ve got some great music videos for St Paddys Day. Hope you an d your family have a great day.


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    • No I havent! I just wanted a song that was clearly Irish but not twee… my sons are learning this song but just didnt have it ready in time,,otherwise I would have posted them playing it.

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      • The Irish House party are worth a Google. Good fun, nothing too serious. Good on your sons for being dedicated enough to learn an instrument! Another of my favourite things about a Ireland aside from the long history of myth and storytelling is its musical culture!

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        • Irish people are incredibly arty! Music, writing, painting, sculpture… I think its part of their Celtic heritage.


    • Cant do with the crowds, Jack. I find large crowds of humanity difficult to cope with. Im a wide-open empty spaces kind of gal! I only did the Dublin parade once. Every town and village has their own parade, but once you’ve seen a troop of Irish dancers, the local gaa team and 500 tractors, vintage or not, you kinda lose the will to live!

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  4. Ali, my goodness you’re up late!!! Happy St. Patty’s Day to you, too. I will also be avoiding guinness, parades, etc, but for the less thoughtful reason that I’ll be running tons of arrands and then auditing a seminar and I don’t currently possess guinness. 🙂 That doesn’t mean I’m avoiding beer or cider, just haven’t decided which to have yet, lol.

    Perhaps I will also celebrate with some iron-age butter preparations which, I know, is just a bit before St. Patrick’s time, Ailbhe says “give or take a few hundred years,” with a mischievous grin–and there’s the consideration of everyone I’m inviting over of course. 🙂

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