Writespiration #34

I took part in Sacha’s writing prompt last week, first time I’ve ever done anything like that. Now she wants us to write a story in one sentence… my, but she’s a hard taskmaster!!!

Sacha Black


Inspired by Esther’srecent 10 and 20 word stories, and because today brings day 1 of a month of NaNo chaos, submit a one story sentence below and I will post it up with next weeks Writespiration. If your clever with grammar this could be a long sentence. I am sure there’s a book written that’s only one sentence but 100 pages. Does anyone know which book I mean?

Anyway, I’m not clever with grammar, so here’s mine:

That look, those eyes, it told me everything; we were over.

Last weeks Writespiration #33bought some fantastic responses.

First up, Keithwith his fantastically funny poem, Keith is well and truly back on form:

I knelt on the double yellow lines
Praying that there’d be no more fines
When a warden came along
I knew it would go wrong
She said, “Can’t you even see the bloody signs?”



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