Guest post, Ali Isaac on dialog

I’m guesting on author friend Craig Boyack’s blog, Entertaining Stories, today. Even though he’s very busy with his Will o’ the Wisp blog tour, he still finds time (and space on his blog) to support other authors… thanks Craig!

Entertaining Stories

Maybe for Ali’s sake I should spell it dialogue. I kind of like it that way myself. When I was looking for someone to do a guest post about writing dialog, Ali answered the call.

Ali has two of three books available in her Tir Na Nog series. She had a huge hurdle to get over with her main character. I’ll let Ali tell you in her words.


I’ve never been one for giving writerly advice. The way I see it, there are a million and one authors out there who can do it far better than me, who have huge book sales and successful marketing platforms to back them up.

Google it, if you want… I’m sure most of you already have. There’s reams of advice on the subject; dialogue makes a story easy to read, it helps create flow and pace, it’s all about interaction, we can…

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11 Comments on “Guest post, Ali Isaac on dialog

  1. I learned so much from reading your advice, Ali! I was reading your suggestions and kept thinking how awesome an observer you are about how people think and talk and exist. It comes across in your books and is, in my opinion, a mark of an excellent writer. I don’t write fiction well at all but am keeping what you say in mind for telling my own story in the future. I’m just relieved that for me the two things that are way too hard for me to tackle in fiction–what’s said and sustaining what happens–is all set out for me in nonfiction, and thank goodness! I’m leaving the fiction to you. 🙂 Also I have *always* spelled dialogue like you do. Do most people spell it differently? I had no idea, lol.

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    • Thank you so much Éilis! Glad it was useful. I know you dont write fiction much, but what about your beautiful selkie story? It was faultless, a modern myth. You should try writing more fiction, you’re better than you think. 😊


      • Oh gosh, thanks Ali! Eventually I will get back to that Selkie story, probably not until my dissertation is done. I just haven’t for months been able to think about a world that isn’t the physical world or the otherworld between which I split my energy half and half right now, even when it comes to writing.:-) So I haven’t been able to even get the smallest inkling about what should happen next in that story, but when I get inspired again…I do intend to finish it eventually. Thanks for your lovely words!


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