The Green Woman has arrived—in one piece!

Jane Dougherty has just released her Green Woman Trilogy as one slim volume! Pre-order your copy now, you won’t regret it! She’s a fantabulous storyteller, and we like those on this blog, don’t we?

Jane Dougherty Writes

The Green Woman trilogy is now available for pre-order at

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The price is a mere $3.99 but the three volumes are available separately and you can get the first volume, The Dark Citadel for 99c.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I can’t really do much more apart from offering to go round and read it to you.

Please reblog, tweet, and spread the word. The weather is glorious—what better way to spend a hot spring day than under a tree reading a big fat book?

Here’s the cover


And here’s the new blurb.

She is the light in the darkness, the fiery beacon, but the world’s fate seems such a little thing when the light in her heart is dead.

Among the ashes of the world, a lone city cowers in fear and ignorance. A light breaks the darkness, the spark that will kindle the greening of…

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