New and Improved! Jane Dougherty’s The Green Woman Trilogy Released as a Single Volume with Stunning New Cover.

TGW_9 cover art

My lovely author and blogger friend, Jane Dougherty, has just released her Green Woman Trilogy as a single volume at the amazing price of just $3.99. I’m loving the vibrant new cover! Here she is to tell you more…

jane bio picThank you, Ali, for letting me borrow your blog today for a bit of blatant self-publicity.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. It ended up being a mammoth operation, but it’s done, finally, the three books of The Green Woman series are available in a single volume. It’s on pre-order at the moment. Release day is Saturday April 18th.

And here’s the new blurb.

She is the light in the darkness, the fiery beacon, but the world’s fate seems such a little thing when the light in her heart is dead.

Among the ashes of the world, a lone city cowers in fear and ignorance. A light breaks the darkness, the spark that will kindle the greening of the world. This is the story of how Deborah carries the spark of memory from the grey oppression of Providence to a green place, where its fire will spread to cover the whole of the earth.
The darkest, oldest of evils vows to quench her light, but the Green Girl is filling the world with heroes, courage blazes in the desolation of Providence, and love is waiting in the desert.
Abaddon’s grip tightens on the earthly realm he has promised himself and his followers, but he reckons without Deborah, who marches with the banner of her fiery hair, and a burning passion for freedom, justice…and vengeance.

And a short excerpt from The Dark Citadel, the first volume.


The sound of boots tramping purposefully down the corridor outside her cell made Deborah leap to her feet. The jingle of keys was followed by the grinding of the heavy lock, and the door swung open.
“Slopping out duty,” the guard bawled. Dark eyes flashed out of a face that was all bristling black brows and short square-trimmed beard. He moved aside, waiting for Deborah to pass. “Get a move on, we haven’t got all night,” he barked, pointing at the buckets standing outside each of the occupied cells. “Take them to the privy at the end of the corridor and empty them. The other prisoner washes them and you bring them back. Got it?”
Deborah nodded, thankful she wasn’t the one detailed to do the washing out. The buckets stank despite their closed lids. The privy stank worse. She tipped the contents of the first bucket down the shaft, and holding it out at arm’s length, handed it with a grimace to her companion. The boy ran the empty buckets under a tap, swilling them along a yellow-stained gutter that disappeared into a hole in the wall.
At the same time, Deborah noticed with distaste, he was splashing the ends of his trousers with the filthy water. The boy turned to take the next bucket and Deborah recognized the curly black hair and hawk nose of the hero in the exercise courtyard. Her heart leapt in spite of the unsavoury situation. He held out his hand for the bucket and nodded a sort of greeting.
Deborah smiled, eager to win the confidence of the rebel. “I saw you in the courtyard, it was me who waved. I clapped, I wanted to cheer.” Her voice rose in excitement.
The boy put a finger to his lips. “Not so loud,” he whispered. “They’ll hear.”
“Let them,” Deborah raised her voice a tone. “I don’t care. What can they do?”
The boy frowned. “If you don’t know what they can do, then you’d best be quiet.         Tomorrow I will receive five lashes for blasphemy, and I hope I will bear it like a man. But I don’t want any more just because of some girl’s squealing.”
Deborah’s face was burning with confusion. Something about the boy had seemed…special. Something about him had made her think of the dream laughter, and for a moment she had wondered if…The thought dissolved into a sad puddle. This boy certainly never laughed like that. And now she had annoyed him. She found herself imagining his pale back ripped and striped with bleeding furrows.
“Come on,” he snapped. “Just give me the bucket or you’ll have the guards over.”
Deborah’s eyes narrowed as she thrust the slop bucket at the boy. “And I thought you were different.” Her lips twisted in scorn. “You’re just as much a coward as the rest.”
The boy raised himself to his full height and sneered. “And you’d know all about heroics, I suppose. Was it for heroics in a dark corner with some Ignorant boy they picked you up, then?”
“Oh,” Deborah gasped in indignation. “You arrogant little shit!” With a furious gesture she sent the contents of the slop bucket over the boy’s shirt.
“Hey, you two,” the guard shouted. “If you like paddling in crap so much you can clean out the privy at the end of the week.”
They finished their turn of duty in icy silence. The full buckets were slopped into the privy, water from the tap swished round in the clean buckets, and splashed in the gutter. Empty buckets rattled and clanged as they were set back down outside cell doors. When the job was done the guards escorted them back to their cells. They parted without a look, in silent anger. The guards didn’t even notice.

You can find The Green Woman for the astonishing price of $3.99 etc. at
Amazon UK
Amazon US
For the canny buggers, I have reduced the price of the first volume, The Dark Citadel to 99c. Available from
Amazon US
Amazon UK

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  1. This is as good as having your cake and eating it too! :p *Adore* these books! So excited for you, Jane!

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