Chris the Story Reading Ape shows us around his nature inspired eco office and workspace… my what a view!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Thanks to my lovely friend, Eminent Irish Mythologist andAuthor Ali Isaacfor dropping… (I mean INVITING) me to share some information about the workspace I drift… (I mean WORK) in to faff around… (I mean RESEARCH) the various topics, themes and general rubbish… (I mean INFORMATION) I throw out… (I mean PUBLISH) on my blog in addition to the Guest Author articles I inveigle and coerce… (I mean OBTAIN VOLUNTARILY) from said authors.

Grab yourself a snack and let’s begin the tour….


Behold my jungle workspace – isn’t it nice and airy?…


Here’s my lounge where I often doze off



I always like to have a book in hand…


My Nephew WARF likes to beat me at Chess (and almost everything else)


Bet you didn’t know I wear eye-glasses with bottom of bottle type (I mean CHIC AND TRENDY) lenses and stylish frames…

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