Dún Masc

The Ruinhunter is back with a vengeance with a fascinating article and simply stunning images of one of Ireland’s most enigmatic ancient sites, Dunamase. See Ireland the way Ed sees it, and you will be entranced. This is not a fantasy landscape, this is Ireland…

Ed Mooney Photography

Dunamase 2015 (1)

As promised I got back out on the road finally, and even managed to bring along my three little ruin hunters and my nephew. So with a packed car I thought there would be no better place to start off than one of my personal favourite sites, The Rock of Dunamase in Co. Laois. I have been here many times before and it still never fails to let me down. The views on approach to this natural Limestone outcrop are truly magnificent and the kids nearly jumped out of their seats when they spotted the castle in the distance as we approached from the North. Standing 46 metres (151 ft) above a flat plain, with breath taking views of the surrounding country side which was once under the control of the native O’Moore, the Rock was clearly a place of strategic importance. One can only imagine how in ancient times…

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14 Comments on “Dún Masc

    • Hi Ray, I have just popped over to that page and followed it, there are some beautiful images on it and lots of interesting information. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.


    • Its a fantastically atmospheric place Éilis, and Ed does a brilliant job with his posts. He has many more like this on his blog.


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