First (Possibly) Annual Bloggers Bash – It’s On.

I booked my flights… anyone else up for it?

Sacha Black

First (Possibly) Annual Bloggers Bash

Seeing as I offered to organise a get together, I should probably put my money where my mouth is and do some actual organising.

Sorry to those across the pond – I’m still working on the technology involved in that part, so this is for the European lot – unless those across the pond fancy a trip to the UK for a summer vacation that is…

Drum Roll please……

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10 thoughts on “First (Possibly) Annual Bloggers Bash – It’s On.

            1. That’ll have to be next year then. My miserly writers budget wont stretch to another this year! Will you not reconsider? Its only an hours flight from France and Ryanair is really cheap. Depends where in France you are, though, I guess… its a big country.


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