A vote for All the colors of the Rainbow, Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum. May 22nd 2015

I’m not allowed to vote on issues concerning Ireland’s constitution unfortunately. I just hope come Friday the Irish people will demonstrate common sense and equality, but with the clergy preaching for a NO vote from their congregations, I wonder. Is intolerance and prejudice the only route into heaven?

Nigel Borrington

All the colours of the Rainbow Nigel Borrington All the colours of the Rainbow
Nigel Borrington

This Friday (May 22nd) Ireland votes in a referendum for same-sex marriage and its a big moment for this country !!!

I donโ€™t usually comment here , if at all about social of political issues , this is my area of personal escape in many ways from these areas !!!

However by posting one of my rainbow images here , I hope I make it very clear what I am thinking !!!

We as a race (HUMAN RACE!!!) need everyone โ€“ all ( colors, shapes and sizes ) and this involves everyone being equal and thus having the same rights in all areas of life !!!

Details of the vote

SO Clearly I will be Voting YES!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Rainbow Colors

by Sharon MacDonald

A rainbow of colors,
In the light, after rain.
There are seven of them,
And, each one hasโ€ฆ

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12 Comments on “A vote for All the colors of the Rainbow, Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum. May 22nd 2015

  1. why should a beautiful people like the Irish be so let down by this religion? It’s almost like they’re paying a national penance. Let’s hope a progressive mindset prevails.

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  2. I hope the vote goes the right way and brings Ireland into the 21st Century instead of taking it back to the 19th Century.

    There will always be a “No” camp, and hearing the story yesterday about the cake issue in Northern Ireland and the refusal of a bakery to accept an order because of what the cake was for, I hope that certain members of the public won’t be made to feel less equal because of the way they were born. I can’t imagine going anywhere and not being able to show my love for my partner.

    Love conquers all, but sometimes certain parts of socioty (including the church) seem to forget this.


    • Do you know, I think its ridiculous that we even have to vote on it! But since we do, lets hope people see sense on the day. I havent heard about the cake story, but I do remember a B&B story, I imagine a similar scenario. It is like going back to the dark ages, and if the No vote wins, well its like giving a green light to prejudice and intolerance of all sections of society where individuals are ‘different’. And this sanctioned by the church, who preach love to all… really? If it wasnt for religion and the power it holds over the fearful, we probably wouldnt be having this conversation!

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  3. I hope the vote goes the way it should as a Yes and becomes the first nail in the coffin of the Catholic rule by fear in Ireland. Everything from banning the use of birth control to running laundries staffed by innocents and having the perversions of a priest hushed up while children suffer has happened at their hands, this time I don’t think the threat of going to hell should be taken seriously by the yes voters.Their own consciences should be enough to show them the right of ot.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  4. Unfortunately, as long as there are perceived differences between people, beliefs, colour, size,sexual preferences or even way of thinking, intolerance and prejudice will exist Ali ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    • That’s a sad fact, Chris! But slow as it is, the very fact that we are having this vote indicates a positive change in attitude. What the majority choose when it comes down to it will really prove how enlightened we have become as a society, or that we’re still living in the dark ages!

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