Five Photos Five Stories Challenge Day Four | The Knot of Kerry

Sneem 2

Co Kerry in Ireland usually brings to mind thoughts of mountains, not beaches. One will find mighty mountains there indeed, but to me, living in the rural heart of Ireland, Co Kerry will always sing of the sea, and this picture shows you why.

Fine white sand, deserted (sometimes) shores, (icy-cold) turquoise lagoons, bright sunshine with dark clouds massing and rain streaming down on the horizon, surrounded by rocky cliffs, verdant hillsides and brooding mountain ranges. This is another face of our beautiful Ireland.

On this rare day, while the children played in the water, I huddled into my fleece, eating sandy sandwiches, letting myself be transported by the joy of place, friendships, and nostalgia.

This beach is near Sneem, where we stayed, a village located in the Iveragh peninsula at the mouth of the River Sneem. In Irish, it is known as An tSnaidhm, which means ‘knot’, and it’s a very popular destination with tourists.

Why is Sneem named ‘the knot’? Good question! Some say it is after the swirling pattern of the waters as the sweet river and salty sea meet in the estuary; others say the village forms the knot in the scenic tourist route known as the Ring of Kerry. Personally, I think it may have something to do with Irish Celtic knotwork and symbolism, but that’s just a gut feeling and a wild unsubstantiated guess…

I was nominated to take part in this photo challenge by Sue Vincent, who takes the most beautiful images and always has a story to tell about them. I would like to nominate Helen Jones, who is always posting gorgeous photos on her blog to illustrate her stories.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.
2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.
3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!

23 Comments on “Five Photos Five Stories Challenge Day Four | The Knot of Kerry

  1. The west of Ireland has some of the most awesome beaches I’ve seen Ali. Thank God they’re so isolated and the weather is so lousy that they won’t ever become resorts. I always make a beeline to Inch for a walk (a la Sarah Miles in Ryan’s Daughter) when out that way – though it’s been a while now.

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    • Yes they are stunning! All the way up the coast as far as Galway and Connemara and into Donegal. But now we have the Wild Atlantic Way, they will be seen by a lot more tourists. When I was in Clare a couple weeks ago we met a lot of US tourists following the WAW. Ireland is promoting it heavily with tourists.

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      • That is a great thing Ali as more folk can enjoy the land and seascapes and inject a bit of cash into those areas – they surely need it. But the towns and villages will never turn into Blackpool or Benidorm.

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        • No! Thank goodness for that! I’m all for highlighting Ireland’s treasures to those who are interested. As you probably know by now…


    • Ah… I wish that I had! Is that where you’re from? Had some lovely times in Sneem. Me and a couple of friends rent a house there with all our collective kids… they all sleep on the floor in the living room, mums have own rooms, no husbands allowed! Its fantastic! Sneem is lovely, but very touristy, which has its positives and negatives.


    • Thank you! I love that although it is so sunny on the beach, you can see the rain hammering down over the sea… typical Irish weather! 😀


  2. Beautiful place ^_^

    Hey, I’m visiting Ireland in september with two friends who have neve been there, and I’m planning a visit of the Ring of Kerry too (which I have never visited either). We’llbe leaving from Dublin and I’d like to visit both the Cliffs of Moher (visited only once and fell in love with) and the Giant Causaway (never visited) I know it’s a bit all over the place, but…any suggestion how to go about it? Even a ‘you should just drop the idea and make up a different itinerary’ would be insightful ^_^

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    • You’re coming here? Fabulous! How long do you have? I would definitely say it is doable! Ireland is only a small island, so why not? I have a post coming up on Monday about the Cliffs of Moher, I was only just there a couple of weeks ago, isnt that coincidence???

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  3. Alli, such a stunning photo and I’m sure my imagination can’t do the cold a sense of justice. I’ve not long returned home from a beach walk with the dogs. We head off after dropping the kids at school and as Lady starts seeing the beach out the window and the other dogs passing by, she starts to whimper a little and they also explode through the door when I stop. Such happiness!

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    • Can you see the sea from your house? How wonderful, all that openness, space and light on your doorstep. Theres nothing quite like a walk along the beach whatever the weather. And all that fresh salty air, a great healer of many ailments I believe.

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      • Our house is just over half a kilometre from the beach and we don’t have any ocean views as it’s as flat as a pancake around here. My parents’ place at Palm Beach was right on the waterfront on the still water side. That was pure magic but unfortunately they sold it about a month ago. Feeling the loss, I renewed my efforts to make the most of where we live here even though it’s now Winter by getting to the beach more. Took the kids after school todfay and my son got stuck up on a ledge while climbing over the rocks and then my daughter got stuck. Very stressful but this is what it takes to construct an alternative to Minecraft and build resilience. That includes lots of deep breathing on my part and motivational coaching.

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