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Everyone remembers the winter of 2010. It’s hard to believe it is already five years ago! I remember shovelling snow off my drive in temperatures of -15*C… we’re not used to that over here; fairly mild and very wet is what we usually get, in  fact it doesn’t change much even in the summer.

Our house is on top of a hill. We were snowed in for a month. The children spent most of that time at home; there was no way I could get them to school.

Lough Ramor (Ramhar, in Irish) was completely frozen. It was possible, but not advisable, to walk all the way out to the tree shrouded islands you can see in the picture. My family insisted on standing on the ice at the edge of the lake. I don’t think it is something we will see very often… at least, I hope not, as beautiful as it was.

Ramor is a large natural lake of 741 hectares situated near Virginia, County Cavan. Early records claim it was part of the lands belonging to Cenal Muinreamhair, who was a mythical warrior, and possibly chieftain of the area. Muinreamhair apparently means ‘fat neck’, but rather than commenting on his state of obesity, is thought to refer to the bulk of his great strength.

I was nominated to take part in this photo challenge by Sue Vincent, who takes the most beautiful images and always has a story to tell about them. I would like to nominate one of my newest blogging friends, Geoff le Pard, to take up this photo challenge baton.

The rules of the Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge are:

1) Post a photo each day for five consecutive days.
2) Attach a story to the photo. It can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or a short paragraph. It’s entirely up to the individual.
3) Nominate another blogger to carry on the challenge. Your nominee is free to accept or decline the invitation. This is fun, not a command performance!

28 Comments on “Five Photos Five Stories Challenge Day Five | Frozen

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  7. These things are magical, Ali. I grew up beside a lake and grew up listening to people talk about the one year that the lake froze back in the 60s and so-and-so walked out to such-and-such island. All we knew was that it would never happen again because the water level of the lake had risen since then, so it became the stuff of legend – the sort of stuff which makes a childhood!

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    • Absolutely Tara! Love to hear the older generation talk about their lives, its such a different world. My sons can t believe our stories of life before smart phones and computers… Seems so unreal to them.

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  8. Pictures like that terrify me! All that ice and snow. I don’t think it even snowed here that year. It’s only snowed once (one day) in the ten winters we’ve been here and I think it was 2011. It’s beautiful though, as long as you don’t have to go out in it 🙂

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  9. Oooo me? Really? You mean ME? The speccy kid in the front row with his hand up all the time? Noooo surely not. Well, that is so lovely. I’ll give it some thought. I may be some time….. Love the cold and snow especially when I’m not out in it.

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  10. You’ve captured a spectacular picture, Ali. Even as I enjoy this photo, all that white against the blue sky is soon hard on the eyes.
    Great story but not happy days at the time. 😦
    I remember blizzards when we couldn’t even get to the woodshed 20 or 25 feet away to keep the wood stove going. ❤

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  11. Hehe! Sorry about that! Yes, its all lake. The lake is huge, much bigger than you could see in one photo. Its very beautiful in all seasons, but to see it completely frozen over like that was spectacular! That is my husband and Cai standing on the ice with the dog. I was very nervous. Mal is just scrambling down to the lake on the left of the pic. Farmers lost lots of cattle which wandered onto the ice and fell through. I was with Carys in her buggy. I wouldnt go down onto the ice. I tried ice skating once… spent most of my time skating on my knees. I steer clear of it ever since. 😀


  12. That picture really is beautiful. I love the blue hues 🙂
    Though I wouldn’t have liked to be there. 2010 was a pretty harsh winter here in Italy too. I lost one day of work, because trains wouldn’t go.

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    • Ha! I know that feeling! Everything stopped for a while here! In my part of Ireland we get snow every year, usually around February/ March time, but never so much as that, and never so long.


    • Thank you Sally! Do you know, even the kids didnt enjoy it. The snow was so fine and ‘dry’ it wouldnt stick together to make snowballs or build a snowman! The world sure looked beautiful for a while although my eyes ached for some colour.


  13. Was that the year the volcano went off in Iceland? We’ve had some bad winters in 2012 and 2013 in Kansas. I don’t remember 2010 clearly. That must have been crazy being unable to get out for a month! Wow.

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    • It was crazy! And even though it was so cold, we had some of the finest sunniest weather ever. I learned from this to park my car at the bottom of the drive. 1km away, the main road was clear and everyone carried on as normal. That winter,,the authorities right across Ireland ran out of grit, so even the main roads eventually became impassable.


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