In Ireland, my favourite flower is the wild yellow gorse, as those of you who have read my post on it will realise.



But elsewhere, it is the gorgeous, vibrant crimson Hibiscus.



It has no scent, but I love it anyway. There’s something so joyful about it, as if it is determined to make the most of life.





Which is just as well, as each beautiful bloom only lasts a day, then fades away with the dusk into obscurity.



There’s much we can learn about living from that.

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28 Comments on “Hibiscus

  1. When I was little, I used to pick them and put them in my hair and pretend I was in Hawaii… until my Grandma came outside and yelled at me for picking all her flowers! πŸ˜‰

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    • Lol! Those flowers only last a day, no wonder she was cross, haha! As a child you always want to pick flowers, and then you’re saddened at how quick they die, at least I was. I prefer to enjoy them as they are now, alive on their plant, and never cut them to bring indoors.

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  2. Whenever he sees a gorse bush my father-in-law says
    “When gorse is in flower, kissing’s in season.”
    And it makes me smile every time he does.

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  3. Yes. The hibiscus is just like the Irish Summer: slightly manic in its beauty, compelling the masses to take notice of it, and only here for one day. πŸ˜‰

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  4. We live outside Boston MA and we too have a hibiscus tree, a Rose of Sharon.

    The prior owners had planted it fairly close to the home and as it grew it was too confined for its root system. Our first year in this home it didn’t bloom, pink blossoms, until late August. Our second year, it bloomed late July. Our third, early July and blooms lasted into the autumn. Finally we transplanted it, enriched it with fertilizer, and were anxious all winter to see how it would take. In July it was already blooming. Last summer it bloomed in June!!! This fall I did a superwoman job of thinning it out so that no two branches cross each other. Am waiting for its beauty to regale our yard: When it blooms it will look like a firework display, but in the daytime!

    It’s an amazing tree. No wonder why John Steinbeck named his character β€œRose of Sharon.”

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    • Wow sounds FAB! And good work on your part… I look forward to seeing your success in some pics! I will be very envious!


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