The Sign on the Ivy-Wrapped Tree

A few weeks ago, I posted about my Walk of Wonder, and among the photos I posted was this…


ivy wrpped tree

I was intrigued by the cords of the ivy which had wrapped around the tree trunk; they reminded me of the twisted knots of blood vessels and capillaries. They had clearly been climbing their host for a very long time, because they had woven themselves over a sign which had been nailed to the trunk at some point in history. Some of you asked what the sign said, so for the curious amongst you, here it is…

And here’s a closer view…

Nope... none the wiser!

Nope… none the wiser!

If anyone can shed any light on this, please put us out of our misery in the comments below!

I've got my eye on you...

I’ve got my eye on you…

22 Comments on “The Sign on the Ivy-Wrapped Tree

  1. There is an esoteric link between the sap of the plant and the blood of an animal… although, to my mind at least, not so very esoteric if one really thinks about it… by extension this would work for capilliaries and vines the carriers of blood and sap respectively…


  2. I LOVE those photos! (All of them!) I don’t know what it says, but now I darn sure want to! Though I think the meaning is clear: “Don’t come on this land. Or else!”

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  3. Proper wicked photo, that’s the kind of thing u find in kids nightmares all twisted arms and skeletal fingers suffocating a tree trunk. *shudder* can’t help but love that photo tho – especially the close up 😊


  4. “Warning dangerous ivy grows beyond this sign. Enter at your own risk. If you feel ivy curling up your legs, do not stop and try to rub it off. Stopping will allow the ivy to get a better grip and you may become a permanent feature of this landscape.”

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  5. Nice find Ali, it looks to be a disclaimer notice. You know warning people that you are now entering private lands and you do so at your own risk, etc. Most cark parks have them these days telling you that you park at your own risk and that the owner is not responsable for any loss/damage, blah, blah, blah.
    They are quite misleading in nature and inadmisable in the courts πŸ™‚

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