Annual Bloggers Bash Awards – NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN

Nominate your fave blogs for an ABBA! What’s an ABBA? Not a member of a well known Swedish pop group, that’s sooooo yesterday! These days an ABBA stands for an Annual Bloggers Bash Award, and while you’re at it, why not join us in London on Aug 1st to find out the results?

Sacha Black

NominateIt’s the 1st of July, know what that means? It’s ONE MONTH TO GO till the first ever Annual Bloggers Bash Party which is going to be in London on the 1st of August. To find out more visit the Annual Bloggers Bash Page.

Now, not all of our wonderful community can make it. The joy of blogging is that we can meet new friends from far away lands. So I thought we would do something that CAN include everyone. I am please to announce the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards.

Is there a blog you simply love? Has someone made you smile week after week? Maybe they have super helpful and informative posts? Or perhaps you have been inspired by them. Now is your chance to nominate a fellow blogger for one of these six awards. Winners will be announced on the 1st August at the bloggers bash and for all those not…

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4 Comments on “Annual Bloggers Bash Awards – NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN

  1. Yes I’ll do a nomination or two. Maybe it will be less random than the Irish Blog Awards which I judged one year, gave constructive criticism of the judging methods, never received an acknowledgement and was somehow overlooked for judging thereafter 🙂

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