Three Day Quote Challenge

Danny Kaye QuoteThere’s a lot of these challenges rippling through the blogosphere lately. I was tagged in this one by my lovely blogging friend and fellow author, Craig Boyack… cheers, mate!

Craig writes amazing science fiction, fantasy and paranormal YA, so if you haven’t encountered him yet, please drop by his writing cabin, where he and his muses will make you most welcome, and proceed to quickly blow your mind.

The rules of this one are simple…

1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Check)

2. Post your quote.

3. Pass it on to three other victims  friends.

I nominate Jane Dougherty, Sacha Black, and Helen Jones.

And here is my quote…

“Life is like a great big canvas… throw all the paint on it you can!” – Danny Kaye

12 Comments on “Three Day Quote Challenge

    • Cool! And that’s great quote, by the way. BTW the only way I got WP to send me notifications again when it hapoened to me was by going through the list of ogs I follow and manually switching them off and on agajn. Took bloody ages, too, but it worked.


    • Oh I’m so sorry Éilis! I will do that when I get home, I am in the airport right now, but in the meantime it says “Life is like a canvas; throw all the paint on it you can!”


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