Three Day Three Quote Challenge | Day Two

3 day 3 quote challengeD2As you probably are aware from my previous post, I was nominated by the uber-talented and ooh-la-la Jane Dougherty for this challenge.

And I’m sure, given my interests and my ramblings on this blog, you knew this was coming…

In an ancient Irish text called the Lebor Gebála Érenn, which means ‘The Book of the Taking of Ireland’, there is a very old poem describing the arrival of the Tuatha de Denann, Ireland’s magical fairy folk.

Here is my favourite line from it, which I find totally captivating; it really sparks my imagination.

“The truth was not known beneath the sky of stars,
whether they were of heaven or of earth.”

It is not known who wrote this poem. The book was compiled by an anonymous writer in the C11th, but the works it contains could well be copies of earlier documents, or collated from the oral tradition.

It doesn’t matter. For me, it works, and I can almost feel a most elusive connection with the writer, just beyond my sight, and just out of my reach.

I nominate my lovely blogging friend and powerful poet Éilis Niamh to take up this challenge.

8 Comments on “Three Day Three Quote Challenge | Day Two

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  2. Wonderful quote, Ali! Coincidentally, or not, I’ve come across that quote three times now in the past two months. 🙂 And thanks for your lovely words! I’ll accept the challenge, most certainly. 🙂

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    • You know, when I was writing it, I thought you would like it. How strange that you’ve come across it so much recently… It’s hardly of mainstream interest. For some reason, it really resonates with me.


    • Thank you. Maybe that’s the attraction! That thought came from a real persons head hundreds, maybe thousands of years ago, down to us. It’s awesome!

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