The 777 Writer’s Challenge and a Sneaky Peek at ‘The Cinderella Shoes’


I was tagged last Sunday by blogger and supporter of Indie writers, and all-round top guy, Kev of Great Indie Authors, to take part in the 777 Writer’s Challenge. Thanks, Kev!

The rules are to go to the 7th page of your current WIP, find the 7th sentence, and then paste the following 7 sentences into your blog post. You must then nominate 7 other writers to do the same.

I must admit that I have cheated somewhat; my current WIP is all over the place at the moment, and I’m not comfortable with anyone seeing it just now.

Instead, I give you a slice of a short story I wrote earlier in the year, called ‘The Cinderella Shoes’. I have bleeped out the naughty word, as I don’t want to offend those of a more sensitive nature. So here goes…

“I glance down at my feet. Four hundred euros of Swarovski encrusted soft silver leather now adorn each one, balanced on a perfectly crafted, needle-thin mirrored heel. The first pair of ‘f*** me’ shoes I have ever dared to own.

I push back the panic which is welling into my throat, locking away the guilt for later. I just want to enjoy the elation which is coursing through my body. It is a long time since I have felt the excitement which accompanies an illicit act. I am appalled, and enthralled, by my own audacity.”

Oh my word! What did she do? Sorry, can’t tell you any more, ‘cos this one has gone out to a writing competition. As I don’t generally tend to fare well in writing competitions, I expect that you will be able to read the story in its entirety on my blog fairly soon!

So here are my 7 nominees. I would be delighted if you choose to take part (because I’m nosey, and want to see what you’re working on!), but as I always say, no pressure, it’s just for fun, if you have a few spare minutes.

Jane Dougherty

Sacha Black

Helen Jones

Sue Vincent

Sally Cronin

Geoff le Pard

Hugh Roberts

37 Comments on “The 777 Writer’s Challenge and a Sneaky Peek at ‘The Cinderella Shoes’

  1. I totally relate to not doing well in competitions. I have recently begun participating in one called #BlogBattle ( ) and am trying to figure out what garners the votes so I can make a better showing.

    The bottom line for both of us would be to not give up, keep posting, keep submitting. Maybe after a couple of years we’ll get a bit of recognition.
    Oh, and keep smiling!
    — John


  2. OMG you’re shitting me?! This is aweeeeesome I nearly spat my drink out. “Fuck me shoes” HAHAHAHA brilliant I NEEEEEED TO READ THE REST OF THIS STORY

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  3. Not much misty ancient history there Ali. I always think that ‘s**g me shoes’ trips off the tongue rather easier – that may cost you the prize 🙂

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    • Nope, none at all, in fact, although it is set in Dublin. I have never won a prize for my writing yet, I don’t expect this occasion will be any different, unfortunately, with or without the swear-word! LOL!


  4. That’s most certainly an attention grabbing snippet, LOL. Talk about a killer pair of shoes. Sending you best wishes for the competition, and hoping to eventually learn exactly what she did do! 🙂


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  6. Nicely done, Ali… I think we can forgive your cheating a little. Ah, hem! A first pair of, What shoes? 😀 That’s a first, for me at any rate. Got to admit, that had me laughing… still. 😀

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  9. Thanks for tagging me, Ali. A first for me to be tagged in this challenge. I’ve loads of short stories, but none that have a seventh page. However, I do have a book which I started writing over 18 months ago and which has been left on the hard drive since I started blogging. I’ll certainly take up your challenge and publish the extract. I’m looking forward to it.

    Thanks again. You get an extra hug on the 1st August 🙂

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  10. Ooh, what does she do? What will a girl do for a pair of f*ck me shoes? 🙂 Thanks for the tag, Ali – and looking forward to reading more of your story, after it wins of course!

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      • Onwards indeed… Rejection makes it hard to stay positive, doesn’t it? From what bits of your writing that I’ve read, I can’t imagine you getting many at all (because we all get some rejections, even the best writers). It makes me wonder what those assessing our work are thinking, but then I f I knew that, maybe I wouldn’t get rejected. So onwards it is!

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        • Lol! Thank you! It’s funny how hopeful you get with each new piece of writing you do… Only to have them dashed! And you think wow! Everyone else must be so much better. Then you see the winning entry, and you realise, actually, they’re not! It’s just that’s what appealed to the judges on the day. So onwards it is…

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          • Ha ha yes, so often you see the winner and think ‘Huh?’ But well done to them for being the one who appealed on the day 🙂


  11. Those sentences are sure alluring! And I love fairy tale retellings 🙂

    The challenge is fun, I was tagged too a couple weeks back. So, people who’s been tagged, don’t panic. It’s very easy 😉


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