Bash the #bloggersbash -Together we can STOP THE ABBAs

Dammit! Geoffle has seen through our dastardly plot…


Hi again. I think it’s safe to blog because everyone has stopped following me. I know why. It’s those


Have you seen this?


It’s happening and I warned you. Not that you’ve listened. Or you’ve been brainwashed. THEY are running a campaign to discredit me. But I won’t be silenced.

Look, someone has had to take the lead for those committed to


You remember? Back Off Our Blogs? Someone left a comment. I think they wanted me to lead BOOB.  It was coded, of course, to stop them being persecuted too. But pretty clear.

‘You’re a complete tit’

That’s a compliment, right? Wanting me to point the way?

Anyway, I wanted to warn you the Gang of Four have finalised their egregious blog-domination plans. Yeah PLANS.

Take those awards thingies, above, for which you can vote, right? I thought we might bring them down by overwhelming their…

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