You can now follow aliisaacstoryteller on Bloglovin!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

31 Comments on “You can now follow aliisaacstoryteller on Bloglovin!

    • Kind of. I think it puts all your blogs in one place, and you can organised them, so that they’re easier to follow. I’m still having problems with notifications going into spam. I’ll have to live without emailvforca day or two to get that one sorted, but maybe I can get bloglovin sorted first, so I don’t miss anything… Fingers crossed!

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  1. OMG, you have gone to the Dark side Ali, I tried that some time ago when I was tring to juggle two blogs, but found it more troublesome. LEt me know how you find it, maybe I was doing it wrong or things might have changed πŸ™‚

    Best of luck

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    • If I may wedge myself into the conversation, I’ve been using Bloglovin for a while now and I’m reasonably happy with it. It allows me to organise the blogs I follow (150 at present), taking the posts I don’t want to read out of hte queue. You can also organise blogs in groups, which is very handy.

      Sometimes, I don’t know why, the site doesn’t work properly, and it’s very very essential, but it’s a big inprovement over the WordPress Reader. I couldn’t manage the reader anymore, because of so many new posts coming everyday and the inability to organise them on the Reader.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

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      • That’s exactly what I was hoping for! I have the same issue with the reader, so follow all my fave blogs by email, but there are so many, that my email is constantly swamped. Wading through it is hard work.


        • I find it quite handy.

          I also had a look into Feedly, which is very similar. Maybe even a bit more sophisticated. But then I stayed with Bloglovin because Bloglovig can also be used as kind of a social. People can see my likes and follow me or the people I like. I don’t think this is the case with Feedly.

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    • Thanks Hugh! Trying to work out how to add all my blogs that I follow… do I have to add them all individually? That’ll take forever!

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      • Afraid so, and you won’t find them all on here. Unless they have signed up then they won’t show. I suggest you wait for people to find you on here. You’ll get an email from Bloglovin’ when ever anyone follows you. You can then just follow them back and unsubscribe from any other notifications you get when they publish a post.

        When I first started I searched for max 5 a day. That way it was quick and I didn’t spend a huge amount of one day trying to find everyone.

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      • I have no idea! I’m trying to find a way to manage my blog following better, Hugh told me about Bloglovin, and it sounded like a good idea, but I may have to search for all the blogs I follow individually, which is not such a good idea lol!


      • Bloglovin sends out one email per day with links to all the new posts of blogs you follow, rather then the one email for every single new post published via WordPress. It will reduce the amount of emails you get from WordPress unless, of course, you choose to get notification emails of new posts from WordPress once a week. However, Bloglovin’ send one email out for all new posts from all blogs you follow, whereas WordPress do it by blogger.

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